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29th January 2004
Marcus who has supplied me with many images and anaysis of the North tower has done comparisons of 737-747-757-767-777.
I took his images , and a few others aroud that i have collected about this, and compiled them into a page.

It compares the size of the plane, size of the impact damage on the building and anaysis.

thanks for your work Marcus.

Read brad's weBLog | brad, 6:35 am (0 comments | 304 reads)
29th January 2004
They just aired a call from flight 11 on FOX news. I found some links online and the transcript, though, the transcript isnt word for word, from what I heard.

(just so there is no confusion it was stated that this was an airphone and not a cell. The call lasted 23 mins.)

There are some weird inconsistencies though, earlier reports said she was hysterical. I heard the audio, she was anything but! She was VERY calm!
Just media hype? Why would they do that?

Why would Mohammed Atta take his luggage and leave it at the airport?
with mace? If you want to do this thing, then take the mace with you?
Why take luggage on a trip you know you will not return from?

"The cockpit is not answering their phone," Ong told the American operations center during the 23-minute call, which ended three minutes before the plane hit the World Trade Center. "There's somebody stabbed in business class, and we can't breathe in business. Um, I think there is some Mace or something. We can't breathe."

Commission members said Tuesday that the phone call and other evidence indicated the hijackers used Mace or pepper spray to help seize the plane and isolate passengers from the cockpit. Mace was also found in hijacker Mohamed Atta's luggage, which was left at Logan Airport in Boston.


Last call from AA Flight 11
January 28, 2004 - 5:01PM

An excerpt of the telephone conversation between flight attendant Betty Ong and an American Airlines operations desk on an emergency line, September 11, 2001:

OPERATIONS: What's the number of your seat?

ONG: OK. I'm in the jump seat right now. That's 3R.

OPERATIONS: What is your name?

ONG: My name is Betty Ong. I'm Number 3 on Flight 11.


ONG: And the cockpit is not answering their phone. There's somebody stabbed in business class, and we can't breathe in business. Um, I think there is some Mace or something. We can't breathe. I don't know, but I think we're getting hijacked.

OPERATIONS: Can you describe the person, that you said someone is shot in business?

ONG: I'm sitting in the back. Somebody's coming back from business. If you can hold on for one second here, they're coming back.

Our Number 1 got stabbed. Our purser is stabbed. Nobody knows who stabbed who. We can't even get up to business class right now because nobody can breathe. Uhhh, our number one is stabbed right now.

(garbled) Our Number 5, our first class passenger, er, our first class galley flight attendant and our purser have been stabbed. And we can't get into the cockpit. The door won't open.

OPERATIONS: This is operations. What flight number are we talking about?

OPERATIONS: At this point we are talking about Flight 12.

OPERATIONS: Flight 12. OK.

ONG: No, we're on Flight 11 right now. This is Flight 11.

OPERATIONS: This is Flight 11. I'm sorry, Nadine.

ONG: Boston to Los Angeles.


ONG: Our Number 1 has been stabbed, and our 5 has been stabbed.

OPERATIONS: Can anybody get up to the cockpit? Can anyone get up to the cockpit?

ONG: We can't even get into the cockpit. We don't know who's up there.

(Dial tone)

3 page story here...


I add the link below, because it somehat related.
Whomever betty Ong was talking to, thought he heard her say "gun" when i heard her say "knife," the audio tape was just played on FOX TV.
Then he said "flight 12 right?"
When I heard her clearly state flight 11.
Then a report comes out saying there was a gunshot, then everyone denied that, where did the story come from?


911 hijackers went through special screening, many were screened for guns knives bombs, they were on the CAPPS list, so they were checked thouroughly, but still got aboards with boxcutters, knives, and a bomb?
this story goes into much more detail....


Read brad's weBLog | brad, 6:28 am (4 comments | 233 reads)
26th January 2004
This page eliminates possible discrepancies brought up by angles and photo lenses. I used a satalite photo and triangulated the position of the cab, Pentagon, overpass sign, and other objects to gain perspective.

This shows without a doubt that

1) The cab was moved.
2) Ron and other sites who have made this claim are wrong.
3) The pictures were altered, and/or the white highway divider lines were either not done correctly in the graphics, or they have been repainted.
4) The Martians have finally landed.
5) The Neo-cons have controll of all of our brains, there was no cab, or pentagon, or plane, or pole, only advanced hologram technology and brain altering chemtrails.

New Supplementary page for the Taxi cab scandal

original cab page

physics911 blog cab page
Read brad's weBLog | brad, 8:13 am (0 comments | 109 reads)
25th January 2004
I have created several new pages for extreme closeups of the pentagon collapse area.

Aslo several other pages including the CCTV camera frames,analysis on the columns which were damaged, a spec page for the 757 along with photos of the damage to compare, and a Perdue page to show inconsistancies with the Perdue anaysis compared to the actual damage.

There is also a page of Tom Horan pics which may have discrepancies or look to be altered in some way, and a SEPT 10th page showing long delays at several aiports showing that someone had prior knowlege on the 10th.

One more site I created shows the "letter" peice of debris found on the Pentagon lawn, There are grapgics of the rivet hole seperation.

Pentagon sub index

I still have a main index page, though it has changed in format a bit.

main index page

Below are the new sites from the Pentagon sub index page, i have omitted the older sites that can still be accessed through the main page.


Pentagon lawn wall and debris extreme closeups
(Pentagon index page)

Extreme closeups of the pentagon wall, debris on the lawn,
different angles, the generator and the burned tree,


Comparisons of wall structure, the Perdue Simulation, Boeing Specs,
Government reports and photos of actual damamage.

Specs on the Boeing 757-200 in relation to the wing tip height and height of the poles which were damaged.

Still photos from the Perdue simulations in contrast with photos of the wall column damage.

Photo anaysis of discrepancies of the damage to the Pentagon wall columns.

This site shows the "letter" peice of debris found on the Pentagon lawn, There are graphics of the rivet hole seperation.

Large photo enhancements of the Tom Horan pics, and other similar pics, showing discepancies of where the impact was, the immediate damage, timeline of particular damage, and an odd peice of debris.


CCTV Frames

CCTV anaysis of perspective.
Trees and a firetruck seemed to be in the way of the fireball in frame 2 which appeared to engulf the tower.

Englagements and comparisons of the "Silent But Deadly" site, as compared to the originals.


cars cabs and lawn debris

Hi res photos of the area in front of the Pentagon after the main damage, showing cars, debris...

Photos showing how the taxi cab was moved , though some think this is just due to the angle and zoom of the pictures, it seems that this cab, the pole, and glass breakage were moved fpor some reason. Perhaps to direct others into re-thinking the direction of the "Killer Jet"

Sept 10th

oddities of delayed takeoffs before 911, and other airline info...

Brad M
Read brad's weBLog | brad, 6:33 am (0 comments | 116 reads)
25th January 2004
Anyone pic up on the weird security problems at Dulles?

On New years, the head of security was found asleep, or drunk, i forget which.

Now, someone had gotten into the room with the P.A. system, took control of the PA system for an HOUR !

Both at Dulles? what a coincidence????
Read brad's weBLog | brad, 6:11 am (1 comments | 77 reads)
13th January 2004
Camera Planet has some very interesting video about 9-11. Their website (which is up now but was down recently) is:

From there I found a video that features United Airlines 175 striking the South Tower. Only, it couldn't be. The zoom-out is very unusual; I'd say it was absolutely miraculous:;=16

Also, why was every "amateur" videographer doing a zoom-out during critical shots of UA 175 striking the South Tower?;=12

The more I watch the Camera Planet video the more I see that someone shot the North Tower burning and performed several manual zoom-outs with the lens. Then the plane and the fireball were both added to the most attractive segment in post-production. Those were the video additions.

There is no plane noise in the video. Lots of people screaming when the fireball appears, though. It sounds to me like they also clearly added tracks of screaming people and other sounds to the video they had selected.

9-11 was a movie that was put together using audio and video obtained before, during and in the hours after the Twin Towers fell. We've come a long way from D. W. Griffith.

Harry Lime
10th January 2004
Created a page to help Dick E, and others for reference pics.
Found a Tom Horan pic that seems not normal.
PIC 12) below shows that LOOKS LIKE the wall of the pentagon collapsing in the wrong place, and I can find the original impact hole where it should be. It may be an illusion on my part at fault, or is it photoshopped?


Killtown pre911 facts...

WEbfairy new page, many second hit vids on one page...
good for comparisons...

new second hit video, 11 megs, i hadn't downloaded it yet, will tonight.


Read brad's weBLog | brad, 7:08 am (0 comments | 443 reads)
7th January 2004
The light poles supposedly downed during the Pentagon attack seemed to prove that a large object (757) hit the Pentagon. There was a well-reported cab driver who, while driving, had one of these poles fall on his cab, supposedly causing minor injuries.

Pictures of this cab were taken at several different angles.

In many of the pictures, there is a man with a white shirt and hat standing next to the cab, This gives one the impression that it is the cab driver, though I have no confirmation on this, it is what one would assume looking at the pictures. I guess cab drivers near the Pentagon normally wear a tie.

A few of these pictures are not consistent with the rest.

The pictures shows the cab at a different angles to the wall, and that the pole, debris field, and background are totally different.

In the image shown below, the right front fender of the cab is the closest fender to the guard rail. Also note the standing pole in the background; I will get to that later.

To the far right, you can see the cab driver with his hat and white shirt. Take note here that the white highway divider line is near the base of the pole.

Notice the concrete barriers on the other side of the guardrail. In the other pictures this concrete barrier is missing.

This image shows the angle at which the "white car" picture was taken. The yellow dots indicate downed poles, and blue dots, show poles which were not hit.

Hi-res photo located here...

The above pictures show no concrete barriers, and also show the left front fender closest to the guardrail. You can also see the downed lamp pole in front of the cab, through the guardrail. If the cab was moved to a different location, then why re-enact the scenario with the cab driver with the hat, and lay the pole across the street as if the "crime scene" hadnt been touched?

Now below, note that there is no white highway divider line visible underneath the car.

Look closely at the hood and roof of the cab, not a scratch!

A 45ft tall lamp pole got hit by a 757 going 500+ mph which uprooted this lamp pole from its base, the pole FELL on the cab which was also moving at the time, but hit only the windshield ?
How could this violent collision only hit the windshield and not scratch the car (which was also moving at the time)?
I try to picture this scenario occurring, but cannot fathom this to be the result.

Back to the image of the white car with the light pole standing. In the reconstruction picture below, the pole to the left of the overpass seems to be the one in the first picture of the white car. This pole was supposedly hit by the aircraft.

Also below notice the distance of the car from the overpass sign.

Image of overpass...

Below is An artistic reconstruction to demonstrate the original pole positions. The tallest pole in the middle-right of the picture would have been the culprit.

Notice the pole and broken glass? There is also a "T" shaped piece of debris that doesn't not seem consistent with the normal pole structures in the area.

Now we see a white line underneath the taxi, but none near the base of the pole!

Also notice the differences in the 2 pitures above. There is glass debris a foot or two away from the pole in the bent area in the first piture, but none in the second. There is also some debris touching the pole in the second picture, where there is none in the first. The whole debris field looks totally different. One more item is the curvature of the pole, compare these pictures with the white car pic, and you will see that the pole curvature is different.


The two pics above, are enhanced resolution images. If you look closely, the left side of the base of the pole, is straight, or flat.
It seems that it was broken off toward the top of the base.
This top pic also shows and "arm" attached to the light fixture with wires hanging out. This arm and wiring is not visible in the other photos.
In the second pic, you can see that the left side of the base has a curved break (shown in yellow).

So the angle of the car has been changed from the left front fender closer to the barrier wall, to the right front fender closer to the barrier wall. The taxi was moved from where the first pole was hit, to the right of the overpass, or the middle of the overpass. It also appears as if the pole and debris field were re-created. Lets not forget that the windshield was broken in the middle, but the car suffered not a scratch

This Taxi, the pole, and whole debris field were moved!

I would like to ask WHY?

Brad Mayeux

My original page with more graphics and photos supporting this.

The Pentagon cab scandal

reference pictures from

Read brad's weBLog | brad, 3:30 am (4 comments | 387 reads)
16th December 2003
Readers are advised that a new version of The Missing Wings has just been posted in which some of the concerns expressed in the Missing Wings thread are addressed. First, we were not explicit enough about the actual content of the ASCE report. The "missing or damaged" columns referred to in the picture are mostly damaged - not missing at all. We have added a second diagram (from the report itself) which makes this clear.

Second, we have added a new section addressing briefly problems with the Pentagoin's DNA analysis showing how it is relatively easy to fake the study with bogus samples (unknown to the testers, who were probablyly working in good faith).

We also added a home experiment which tends to show that even our estimate of the burning temperature of kerosene is too high.

A. L. Dewdney
Read akd's weBLog | akd, 6:49 pm (2 comments | 436 reads)
25th November 2003
Introducing two new articles on

Dr Walter Davis of Kent State University has contributed an omportant new paper: September 11th and the Bush Administration: Compelling Evidence for Complicity

Complementary to September 11 - Islamic Jihad or another Northwoods? by Dr Tim Howell, also published on this website, it also takes a broad approach to analysing what occurred on 9/11 and who is most likely to be responsible for the crime.

Dr Davis writes:

Why 9/11 was not prevented is one of the most critical questions in current times, because answers may well reveal to more people than ever before, the true nature of the U.S. corporate global empire the most extensive and most destructive in human history. Newspapers across the U.S. called for an investigation into Bush's lies about the reason for war on Iraq. While it is relatively easy for the American people to accept deception for the killing of the Arab people in distant lands, few people will be as accepting if it is shown that this Administration was complicit in acts of atrocities against its own people.

The evidence I present in this article suggests that the most plausible explanation of the events surrounding September 11, 2001, is that the Bush Administration was complicit in the terrorist attacks and has orchestrated its cover-up. The sources cited contain extensive detailed information, additional sources, and analysis beyond what is possible to provide in this summary. I hope that this information will incite public outrage leading to full accountability.

Dr Davis demands accountability from Government - and from the Mass Media, which has played such a central role in the 9/11 affair.

questions must be asked as to why no one in any of the government agencies has been held accountable, and why journalists and others in the mass media are not held responsible for the cover-up, deception and lack of investigative reporting.

Well argued, extensively referenced, persuasive yet measured in tone, one wonders why articles such as this have been entirely absent from the New York Times and Washington Post?

WTC Collapse Triggered by Thermite Reaction?

Also likely to remain unavailable via the mainstream media for some time to come is Dr Derrick Grimmers Calculations on the Possible Use of Thermite to Melt Sections of the WTC Core Columns

In fairness, parts of this paper are rather technical. Perhaps mainstream scientific journals will re-publish it?

Dr Grimmer, a founding member of SPINE, presents a lucid analysis of what is sound, and what is not, in the case that controlled demolition brought down the three striken WTC towers on 9/11.

He then applies physical and mathematical analysis to demonstrate the feasibility of one controlled demolition scenario: use of a thermite reaction to generate extreme temperatures and cripple the steel support. This technology is well-understood (no micro-nukes or other exotica required!).

Dr Grimmer shows it could have been deployed to collapse the towers in the manner observed.

Dr Grimmer concludes:

It is pure speculation if, how, and when this was done. The columns would have been most easily filled during the initial construction phase, but this requires belief in a foresight and 30-40 year "master plan" that may be difficult for many to think possible. (Many buildings are constructed with ultimate demolition in the design, to make way for future construction in urban areas. Usually, the building design includes cavities for controlled demolition explosive placement. The non-availability of WTC tower blueprints makes it difficult to access this possibility).

However, there have been undoubtedly a number of opportunities under the guise of maintenance: many stories exist about problems with the "insulation" adhering to the steel support structures of the WTC towers. Also, the first attack on the WTC towers in 1993, in the basement of the complex, offered an opportunity for access and "repair" to demolition experts and construction personnel. Thermite is a relatively safe compound, requiring high temperature to initiate reaction - a magnesium fuse is commonly used. We will probably never know exactly what sequence of events unfolded to culminate in the WTC collapses of 11 September 2001.

Did Osama Bin Laden hire the contractors who carried out repairs to the WTC in 1993?

It needs to be investigated.

Robert Friedmans astonishing article Mossad Linked To WTC Bomb Suspect, published in the Village Voice more than a decade ago but never followed up, should also be retrieved from the memory hole.

If we really want the truth, we must follow the evidence trail, wherever it leads.

In the post-9/11 world, more and more people are beginning to realise that understanding contemporary global politics and the process by which political beliefs are moulded is crucial to our collective well-being and survival.

We leave these to politicians and the mass media at our peril.

If we want to re-establish ethics in world affairs, we need to smarten up, fast. We must do better than the generation which preceded us, for all its many qualities.

Heaven forbid that we permit the 9/11 crimes against humanity to remain unsolved for 40 years.

Four years would be too many.
Read webmaster's weBLog | webmaster, 8:16 pm (0 comments | 684 reads)

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