This page is meant as a repository for helpful hints for managing storage producs using Veritas Volume Manager (and some for SolsticeDisksuite). All content is contributed by users and, thus, unverified.

For a quick leg-up on vxvm you might like this link Also, Chapters 1-3 of SEVM 2.6 volume manager are still online at Sun and still provide an excellent overview of how VxVM works, while being a little short on new product features like the ability to relayout a volume (first appearing in VxVM3.1). The answerbook volume is available here.

Quick Links
_bluedot.gif_ Tools, source, and scripts
_bluedot.gif_ Todd Stansell's pages. (more tools and tips)
_bluedot.gif_ A small collection of Veritas release notes.
_bluedot.gif_ Sun Storage products firmware, patches, OS, etc.
_bluedot.gif_ Sol9 UFS vs VxFS benchmarks
_bluedot.gif_ Useful Veritas VX, HA and VCS tips