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Acquiring White Homing Pigeons - American White Dove Association
Bird Breeders and Homing Pigeon Clubs

Getting white homing pigeons is not easy.  If you are interested in raising white homing pigeons, you may visit your local bird breeders and racing homing pigeon clubs in your area.  Find out if they sell white homing pigeons.  You might be lucky if you find someone willing to sell you his white doves.  You may find white homing pigeons in the  Yellow Pages under "Birds", "Pet Shops",  "Wedding Services", and "Clubs".  You may find white homing pigeons in the Internet under "Dove Releases" and "White Homing Pigeons".  Expect to pay at least $25 for a white homing pigeon.

May Take Years to Build a Full Loft

To have a full loft with at least 12 trained white homing pigeons may take years.  The best white homing pigeons to acquire are young white homing pigeons (under a year) that have not been trained.  That way they will easily get accustomed to your loft and will not return to their former loft.

Raising Homing Pigeons is Not Cheap

Raising white homing pigeons costs money.  Your biggest initial expense will be for a loft or pigeon house.  Expect to invest at least $1,000 for a pigeon loft or house, which includes materials and labor.  You will also have to buy pigeon feed an grit regularly, which can be about $20 a month.   We suggest a pickup truck with a camper shell and a pet carrier to take the white homing pigeons out for training.  So expect to spend on gas.  If you decide to go in the business, you will need to get the word out and advertise.  You should start with business cards and brochures.  If you want more business, you may advertise in the Internet and Yellow Pages.  You may also do direct advertising in your area.

Care of Your Doves

The daily work of feeding is quick and fun as the white homing pigeons like to fly in the neighborhood for a few minutes prior to coming back to eat.

At least once a month, you will need clean the pigeon loft or house, which means removing accummulatd pigeon waste.  A lot of feather dander flies around when you clean the pigeon house/loft.  If you are asthmatic you should avoid this job and have someone else help you.  Cleaning the pigeon house/loft is probably the most unpleasant part of this business.

A Home with a Backyard

White homing pigeons should not be kept in cages or indoors.  The feather dander is messy and may be harmful to your health.  The pigeons like to live with lots of mates in pigeon houses/lofts with lots of room.   They also like to fly around the neiborhood daily and return to their loft/house.  A loft/house has a special meaning to them and keeps them coming back.  A cage is not a substitute for a loft or house.  Therefore, it would be inhumane to keep white homing pigeons in cages for extended periods of time.  They are designed to live outdoors in pigeon lofts our houses.  This means that you need a home with a back yard to raise white homing pigeons.  If you live in an apartment with no backyard for a pigeon loft or house, raising white homing pigeons is out of the question.

A Lifetime  Commitment

Raising white homing pigeons is a lifetime commitment.  White homing pigeons are pets like dogs.  They expect to fly around the neihboorhood daily.  And you get very attached to them.  They have a special bond to their loft and your home that is very hard to break.  Therefore, it is not easy to dispose of your white homing pigeons and it requires nothing less than a lifetime commitment.   If you plan to go on vacation or out of town, you have to make plans for someone to take care of and feed the doves while you are gone.  Therefore, acquiring  and raising white homing pigeons is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

We Can Help You Build a Full Loft

The American White Dove Association (AWDA) has an apprentice program that helps you build a pigeon loft or house and acquire at least 12 white homing pigeons for a consulting fee arrangement with one of our members.  The AWDA members agree to assist serious pigeon enthusiasts  with plans to build a humane pigeon loft or house.  He or she will also supply you with young untrained homing pigeons and answer all your questions until you have a full loft of 12 white homing pigeons.  Let our professionals guide you to avoid serious costly mistakes and bird losses.  In the American spirit of free enterprise,  the AWDA member agrees to not restrict your trade and you may provide dove releases anywhere in the United States of America.  Our goal is the propagation of white homing pigeons in every city in the United States.  We believe that competition helps improve our white doves and the service we provide.  If you are interested in this program, please contact the Humane White Dove Release Professional nearest you.


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