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5H17L15T (5L)

Team Bio:

2 parts Midnight Co-oppers
1 part AFK subs
1 part Raiders of the Plains

From the wretched and broken Orleans refugees to the deeply hated Kirk and Zagon, the members of Team 5H17L15T have been ostracized from the Myth community, existing only along the fringes and in the bowels of the game server, where they plot and plan for the day they will strike back at the heart of all wankers. . . . And drop, should they fail.  This team has no hopes for rank or respect; these things have always eluded them.  They have nothing to lose, so they always win.

Threat assessment:

It seems that Erik has gathered all of the guys that nobody else would take. The team is composed of a few good players and a plethora of mediocre players. Expect some fun and entertaining strats. If Erik uses his team to their fullest, they can do pretty well, maybe even quarterfinals. If he doesn't, they don't have much of a chance. 3 trows until they prove themselves otherwise.

Update DE1: They did as expected in the QR, going 2-1 with a loss to oa. They got their scare with a close win over RoF. No roster changes that will earn them another trow, but they should be able to field a full team now instead of only getting 4-5. They probably will make it more interesting with oa in DE2, but I don't see them staying out of the bottom bracket for more than one round. They could put on a good show in the bottom bracket if Kirk stays unbanned and Erik is motivated.

Update DE3: A forfeit win over ICW is hardly impressive, especially when you factor in that only three 5L players showed up. The plot for them thickens this week with Erik being banned again, and Kirk still banned I'm guessing. That leaves Zagon and some co-opers to take on a full Lg team. Should be GG there— unless the following get answered: Will Erik and Kirk get their bans lifted or convince Lg to play over TCP/IP? Will Olympus rise from the grave to lift 5L out of the ashes? I think the answer to both remains no.

5L's roster:
Team statistics:
Pool: Forest
W/T/L: 06/00/03
QR results:
Win vs RoF 40-33
Loss vs oa 14-54
Win vs GoD 18-54
DE results:
Loss vs TC 37-74
n/a vs ICW 84-00
Loss vs Lg 45-49