Keep It On Kite Fly

Shoreline Park, Mt. View, CA

November 1st, 2003

Dani the Clown

There's a girl that lives in Davenport, Iowa that just loves to have fun.  Should I say, "Girls just wanna have

fun?"  Lyny has way too much time on her hands and came up with the idea, lets make Dan

a Dani Clown for a day.  Well I agreed to wear what she made and that was my promise to her,

not knowing all the details at first, but a promise is a promise.  So here I am at Shoreline Park the day

after Halloween.  I didn't want to be the only one dressed up for this day, so a bribe was made to any

other flyers that came out in a costume, they would receive a flying gift compliments of

Gone With The Wind Kites Online.  They thought Steve and Chris would supply me with a box full of kites.

They did give me a box of Arrow Copters to pass out, neat toy by the way.

Well I stuffed my purse with candy, Slinkies and Copters and headed onto the flying field.


I was late making it to the park and fully understand now why girls need that extra time.

Sure hope some flyers show up, "HEY there's Uly and his daughter and her friend Marina all in costume."

Great!  I guess Allen didn't want a surprise.

Kelsea, Uly, Marina and Allen

Kelsea, Dani and Marina


I opened my purse so Kelsea could take her pick of the goodies.

Sorry Kelsea my makeup stays

Marina digs in



Hugs are nice
Kelsea and Marina




Here I'm getting some assistance from Marina,

she knows all about hats, mine kept falling off.



Check out the detail


If you would like to use this one for a Screen Saver, go ahead it's ok with me.
My tights kept slipping



I think the shoes will go fine with my kite today



Marina lent me her wand for awhile
Wanna look good for the guys



Tony Knight is such a nice guy


Brett Grant made the long drive over to see me


Allen Carter helping me with one of my bracelets


Come on Allen you know how

Ok, we're clowning around today, but you can see a kite in the background.
Why are your hands shaking Allen?



Allen gives up on the arm and goes for the ankle bracelet now.
My sweetie Francisco



Francisco collects his toy
Brent Jensen made a long drive today too



John felt uncomfortable without a kite in the photos, so he got one.
Uly doing some kind of staking



Uly brought sodas and cookies today.
Uly flies great, but he's a champion balloon blower also.




Brent doing a few tricks

Uly and Brent doing some pairs flying



Uly's Sky Master kite, what a sweetie it is.



I think just about every flyer flew the Sky Master today.




The kite sort of matched Uly's costume too
John Chilese



John's Katana
Dani and her Rev



I give free lessons






Taking a break from flying



Wayne and his spikey ball

What a super fun day, just a few kids were scared by Dani the clown, UMMM, a few of the flyers left

early too.  Wonder why? Everyone had a great time, lots of Clowning around and flying.

A special thanks to Lyny for bringing some Iowa fun to California.

Thanks also go to Steve and Chris from GWTW for supplying the Arrow Copters

and all the gang for hugging me.


For more Clowning around visit John Chilese's website.