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"Let me declare my belief clearly. The destiny of the religion's social prestige today and tomorrow will depend on our interpretation of the religion in a manner which would not contradict freedom, whenever in history a religion has faced freedom, it has been the religion which has sustained damage ... when we speak of freedom we mean the freedom of the opposition. It is no freedom if only the people who agree with those in power and with their ways and means are free."

Mohammad Khatami, addressing Tehran University
students on the first anniversary of his election, May 23, 1998

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"... Mr Khatami refuses to have his portrait reproduced on public buildings. Instead, his face beams from the pictures that people display in their homes."

The Times (London),
December 10 1997

"The message I am taking away with me is that there is a government in Iran with a president who is a man of his times, who is determined to improve the lot of his people ..."

U.N. Secretary-General, Kofi Annan.
Tehran, December 11 1997

" ... And it's not only the hearts of women that Khatami has captured, but also the minds of women and men alike, particularly the young some of whom even carry his photo in their wallets."

Associated Press,
December 22 1998


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