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Montana 1997 "Donuts" Photo

"Donuts-on-a-rope" contrails are still an uncommon sight, and photos of them are even more rare. Two images and a drawing were sent to the Aurora Aircraft Page in June 2000 by Erik Berman, who gave an account of what his friend saw and photographed in July 1997. A contrail photo was taken during a vacation at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park, Montana. The images shown here were cropped from the full, original image. Mr. Berman is inviting inquiries regarding the original photograph, and any interested parties may contact him directly at He relates the sighting below. The path of the aircraft is from right to left, with the aircraft at far left. It is clear from viewing the photo that this isn't your average contrail.

Images used with permission. Copyright © 1997-2000 Erik Berman.

[This is] a photo that I have of a donuts-on-a-rope vapor contrail, possibly from an Aurora-type craft. The photo was taken with a 35mm camera with standard processing. The photo was taken in northern Montana by the US/Canadian border, on or about July 27, 1997.

Far left section

Center-left section

Center-right section

Far right section

In the sky is a long "donuts" contrail. I used a high resolution scanner to import the photo into my computer. Using a basic software photo package I was able to zoom-in/enlarge the photo. After spending numerous hours/days analyzing the photo, an image that was otherwise optically invisible to the naked eye can be seen.

Far left portion (thermal view)

Ahead of the "donuts" trail you can see six distinct lights. When you play "connect-the-dots" with these lights, they form the outline of a delta-shaped craft, with one central dorsal, tail fin, below the tail fin you can clearly see a spherical, orange/red thermal image of its exhaust, below the "glowing" orange exhaust "ball", it branches in two, like a "Y".

I am alleging that the Aurora-type craft in my photo is optically invisible when it wants to be by means of some type of dielectric ram, high energy thermal "self generating" ozone refraction, or some type of intense magnetic field around the craft, that bends the light around it.

Many people claim to have "donuts" contrail pictures, but with no craft flying ahead. The reason they cannot see any craft flying ahead is because it is optically invisible. If they only took the time to scan their photos and enlarge them, they might be able to see the craft as in my photo. Something had to have made the "donuts" contrails in published photos, unless they are all fakes, or old jet contrails that broke apart. Just because you cannot see something doesn't mean that it is not there.

Is this the Aurora, or another aircraft? If it isn't Aurora, what is it? Mr. Berman believes further analysis of "donuts" images should be made. Is this the first photo of the Aurora in flight? Dear visitors, this is for you to decide.

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