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Interview Anders and Janne (the RAGE team)

With the increased dumping of newly released games, Captain Tomaday being a case in point, do you think that this is a bad thing that will hurt the emulation scene?

Yes we think they are hurting the scene

If King Of The Fighters '99 was dumped, do you  think that you would make it NeoRAGE compatible?
Also, are you worried that if you didn't someone would hack the NeoRAGE code to make it compatible?

It will probably already work, just hit the import button.  And yes we will support it anyway, because if it's dumped and out there will be a MAME version that will support it

On your page, you mention CPS2 emulation. Are you trying to crack the encryption code and will CPS be imported into NeoRAGE, or will you release another emu?

We have not mentioned it on our page directly, we have written that we will emulate as many Capcom, SNK and IREM games as possible.   But we don't think the CPS 2 system, because all games probably have different encryption like the newer IREM sound roms.

Have you put the RAGE emulator to one side while you are working on NeoRAGE, or are you working on both projects at the same time?

We have put it to one side, but maybe we will finish that project when time admits.

Do you think that you will release a Neo-Geo Pocket emulator at some point in the future?

That is possible.

Have you read any of the commentaries that have been on some emulation pages, and if so, what are your feelings on them?

There are a lot of people who don't even know how to read a readme file, and that's quite low.  People are demanding a lot from an emulator today, they are not happy if it's not perfect.

With the release of Neo-Geo CD emulators, do you think that you will support CD based Neo Geo games in NeoRAGE?

Yes we will.

Exactly how far do you think the emulator will go?  Do you have plans for 3DFX or OpenGL support, and will dynamic recompilation be used in the future?

Dynamic recompilation will not be included. It's quite unnecessary because the CPU emulation takes up only a small part of the Neo Geo since it's only running at 12Mhz, except some games that we are running at 18Mhz. But 3D support might be included (hardware interpolation and stuff like that)

Lastly, what are your favourite video games of all time?

We guess Anders' favourite is Wonderboy and Janne's is Rygar, they are our personal favourites, but the best Neo Geo game is probably from the Metal Slug series.

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