A Fair Peace

"... We continue to call today the "post-Cold War era." It is not useful to identify today in terms of what it used to be. We need to call this era by what it is and by what we seek to accomplish, instead of calling it by what it is no longer...   I propose a new name and agenda for American foreign policy; to work toward a "Fair Peace."

This new Fair Peace maxim would build on, yet contrasts, today’s "climate" to that of the Cold War. During the Cold War, our focus was frozen on a long-term, enduring struggle against communist threats. While these Cold War dangers have largely melted away, today’s temperate trend still presents threatening elements and squalls that could build to serious storms. Accordingly, we need to update and revitalize our forecasts.

In today’s environment, the United States should concentrate on channeling the world’s swirling and precarious currents toward fair conditions. America’s international leadership is needed to sustain the prevailing winds of democracy, freedom and peace. A proactive American foreign policy of Fair Peace would help to maintain and strengthen a developing front of tranquillity..."

Excerpt from the paper: "Christening an American Foreign Policy for the New Century"

Welcome to the Fair Peace website.  The above "Christening an American Foreign Policy..." paper proposes a new name and agenda for American foreign policy; that is, to work toward a "Fair Peace."

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About the paper and author:
Daniel P. Sheerin

Daniel P. Sheerin’s "Christening an American Foreign Policy" piece is derived from his speech to the Secretary of State’s "Open Forum."   The Open Forum is a US State Department speakers’ program that provides a channel to stimulate new or alternative policy ideas.  The views and opinions expressed in the articles found on this site are solely Mr. Sheerin’s and do not necessarily represent those of the US Department of State.

Mr. Sheerin is employed by the US Department of State.  He holds a BA in Foreign Service and International Politics from the Pennsylvania State University and an advanced management degree from the National Defense University’s Information Resource Management College, and has studied extensively at the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Joint Military Intelligence College.

Mr. Sheerin can be reached via e-mail at dpsheerin@fairpeace.org.