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The highest quality science-based natural supplements, nutrition, detoxification protocols and cosmeceuticals to support wellness and optimum health.

An informative newsletter for those interested in bio-energetic based medicine.

Bio-energetic research for those interested in new techniques for the advancement of coherence in health and emotional well-being.

In order to maintain or recover optimum health, one must take a bio-energetic/ecological approach aimed at reversing degenerative processes and organic dysfunction due to toxin overload from our environment and a lack of anti-oxidative and anti-carcinogenic protection from poor or unhealthy diets.

The successful therapeutic outcome depends upon the improvement of life style, detoxification, balancing of emotional and spiritual conflicts, trauma resolution, rebalancing the neurohormonal system, and the restoration of the body's electromagnetic and self-healing mechanisms.

The most important aspect is to unblock and stimulate the immune system so the body's self-regulating systems can begin to bring about a healing and return to optimum health.

The New Hope program provides several diagnostic and monitoring technologies from Europe to detect blood morphologies, oxidative stress, imbalances in pH, tissue inflammation processes, and the presence of environmental toxins, heavy metals, pathogens, allergens and food intolerances.

Once the assessment is complete a detoxification and rejuvenation plan is provided based on your individual needs.

"The Ideal Center"
Alternative Medicine Magazine,
March, 2000

"New Hope is one of the leading Quantum Medicine centers in
North America"
Inner Words - March/April 2001

"New Hope Clinic offers a scientifically advanced approach to the treatment of cancer that I believe is second to none. I have been most pleased with their caring attitude and the excellent results that I have experienced with my breast cancer." - AR

"My daughter (15 years old) and I both have Lyme Disease. We came to New Hope Clinic to help with chronic infections and pain from this disease. We have had great results and our symptoms have been reduced greatly. The changes in health have been amazing and we continue to improve with each treatment and each level we work on." - CM

BioResonance Therapy - Disturbances in bioregulation begin at the cellular and molecular resonance level due to distortions caused by pollutants in the extracellular matrix. BioResonance therapy enhances the harmonious oscillations and the interactive electromagnetic energy systems in the body and cancels the disharmony of an illness. BioResonance provides a comprehensive diagnosis of the causes of dysregulation as well as effective therapies to re-establish homeostasis.
Holographic Repatterning - The role that unresolved emotional conflicts or trauma play in suppressing the immune system is now widely accepted within the medical community. The New Hope program provides a powerful tool called Holographic Repatterning, which helps you access these emotional conflicts and to empower yourself to move "away" from the inner turmoil they inflict and to move "into" higher levels of coherence. This relieves your cellular matrix of the negative influences these worn-out beliefs and patterns have on your system.
Yuen EnergeticsTM - Facilitates the body, mind and spirit in their potential to return to the natural, original state of health.
Biological Dentistry - Every tooth in our mouth has an energetic connection to specific organs in the body. Bacterial infections from root canal teeth produce by-products that are highly toxic, stress the immune system, shift the pH balance of the blood and tissue, and can be the causative factor behind many degenerative diseases. We utilize bioresonance to test for these stresses and work closely with one of the world's foremost oral surgeon and biological dentist to resolve the dental stresses that block the body's ability to self-regulate and heal. Bioresonance is also used to test the stress from heavy metals. A comprehensive and safe chelation program is provided for those with heavy metal toxicity that is interfering with their ability to regain optimum health.
Nourishment - is the positive energy that is put back into your body through organic nutritious food, abundant enzymes, orthomolecular therapy, a pure water supply, and enhanced by therapeutic massage, breathing exercises and movement.

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