The sight of Venus on the Sun is by far the noblest that astronomy can afford
Edmund Halley, Astronomer Royal, 1691

Global enlightenment is a real possibility for our generation. The Oneness Celebration invites us all to acknowledge the unity that exists and is available for us to embrace
Neale Donald Walsch

Global Enlightenment through awareness of the Mayan calendar is of the greatest importance for world peace and human sustainability. The hour is upon us when the cycle of history draws to a close, for it is now only a matter of years until 2012. The ability we exhibit in harmonically converging for the Oneness Celebration on June 8, 2004, is critical if we are to keep our date with destiny and observe it as a species ready for evolutionary renewal.
José Argüelles


Focusing och the Enlightenment och Humanity by the year 2012, on the days:

June 6-8, 2004

There are those times when the energies converge to produce exceptional possibilities for aligning the highest purpose of humanity with the evolution of the cosmic plan as this has been encoded in the Mayan calendar. In Eastern terms this purpose would be called Enlightenment - the attainment of a state of consciousness beyond conflicts and beyond separation from the Divine Source. The Oneness Celebration on June 6-8, 2004, seems to be just one of those times, occurring as it does at a significant half-tun wave shift on June 6 (4 Ahau) in the Mayan calendar shortly followed by a Venus Transit on June 8 (6 Ik). As Venus Transits occurs pairwise this one will be followed by a second on June 6, 2012 and so these two Venus Transits mark the window in time when the Enlightenment of humanity is to manifest. What is the meaning of this convergence of energies and how then are we to make use of them in the most beneficial way?

To begin with I feel it is appropriate to describe what a Venus Transit is and its significance. The astronomical event called a Venus Transit means that the planet Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun producing a sight on the disc of the Sun. This passage takes about seven hours. This is a very rare event indeed, which has not occurred since 1882. Since no person alive has witnessed this previously humanity will look out into the Cosmos in awe and wonder. Few astronomical events may produce such an experience of cosmic presence and our belonging to something larger. Few events hold the potential for generating a similar sense of Oneness with our fellow human beings, with the Sun and Venus and with all things living on our Planet. We are all One!

To bring, at such an occasion, our attention outside of its everyday confines does hold the potential for producing a change in consciousness, which leads mankind to realize its deepest unity. In fact, in an era prior to our own, there is a precedent to such a change. This was the pair of Venus Transits that occurred in 1761/1769, a time which is often referred to as the Enlightenment, when science seemed to hold the greatest hope for mankind and to provide the answers to its quest. At that time the world was however still very much divided along national borders and scientific competition roared between the various Royal Societies of Europe. What broke this state of affairs and made science into an arena of exchange, and to some extent collaboration between different national societies was the study of the Venus Transits. The determination of the distance to the sun set as a goal at the time required that observations were made in several different locations across our planet. Thus, a plan was developed to send out expeditions to 77 different locations for the Transit of 1769 and since then the way of operating in science has never been the same. The example illustrates very clearly that a Venus Transit, when the attention of humanity converges on a Cosmic event, may serve exactly to transcend boundaries between peoples.

At the present state of the Cosmic Plan, as this is encoded in the Mayan calendar, collaboration within science does not seem to be the highest and most urgent goal. We are at a point in the Cosmic Plan where we are approaching its completion and depending on our tradition we may refer to it as the Enlightenment of humanity or a return to consciousness of the Garden of Eden. Thus, it seems that our ways of noting and celebrating the upcoming Venus Transit should be related to this ongoing change in the consciousness of humanity, a change where duality is transcended and wholeness attained both on an individual level and for us as a species. Oneness is a stepping stone on the path towards Enlightenment, which if it spreads to society at large will have far-reaching beneficial consequences. Oneness is about transcending duality and separation in all of its forms. It is about meditating with your neighbor for no other reason than that We are all One. From a place of Oneness Peace will naturally follow. June 6, 2004 (4 Ahau) marks the midpoint of a tun (a 360-day period) in the Mayan calendar emphasizing unity and integration and so what could be more appropriate than to celebrate Oneness.

Yet, there is no ready script for how Oneness is to be celebrated. Although events are in the planning stage in different locations in the world the forms these will take will depend on the spontaneous expressions of creativity of the participants. This is similar to at the time of the Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987. Yet, it seems clear that at the current time every effort should be made to join these expressions and to conclude with a joint global meditation towards the end of the Venus Transit (June 8, 12 am, Central European time). To the greatest extent possible modern media and communication techniques must be brought in to help unify the experience and the creative expressions developed by people across our planet.

If you feel called by the unification of Venus and the Sun and want to help create a platform from which the Enlightenment of Humanity can be attained you are welcome to participate in making this real. Certainly, making arrangements supporting the broadest possible participation in a global meditation at 11 am GMT on June 8, 2004 is a significant way of participating. Also spreading the word to individuals or organizations, creating events and helping to unify these is of the greatest value. Please let us know about your initiatives by contacting No one is excluded. We are all One!

Carl Johan Calleman is the author of The Mayan Calendar (Garev, 2001) and the forthcoming Enlightenment - The Mayan calendar as our guide to the Future (Bear and Co, 2004) and numerous articles about the topic in magazines. He has held lectures and courses in nine different countries and was one of the main speakers at the conference about the Mayan Calendar organized by the Mexican chapter of the Indigenous Council of the Americas. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Biology from the University of Stockholm. In the capacity as a cancer researcher he has been a Senior Researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle and has served as an expert for the World Health Organization. He currently resides at the ecological community of Lindsberg outside of Falun, Sweden.


The Oneness Celebration


by Carl Johan Calleman