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Old Dh Frequently Asked Questions
What is my URL? if you have subdomain hosting or if you have domain hosting.
Why doesn't my domain work?
It can take anywhere from 12 hours to 3 days for your ISP to update the DNS. Just wait .. it will work eventually.
I submitted an application to you, but you still haven't replied!
We get a lot of applications each day and we must manually approve them. When your application is processed, you will be notified via email giving you the status of the application. Please be patient.

Ugh. There are banners on the site. I thought that there were no ads on hosted sites. Is this false?
Nope, it's true. A banner will never hit your page without your approval. We have them on the front page to try to raise a few extra dollars to buy new servers or new parts and such. It will all go to benifit the company in some way. More clicks, the more money, the more money, the cooler stuff to give you guys and gals
Do you allow sites in a foreign language?
Yep, we allow sites in many languages. We are lucky to have a team of reviewers who all speak different languages. Even though you site may not be in English, we will still be visiting your site.
I just signed up .. how long should I expect to wait for a reply?
Please wait 3-5 days for a response. We get a lot of applications daily and try to process them as quickly as possible.

What types of Support do you offer?

We offer forum support, and email support for free members and for paid members we also offer aim/msn support and chat support.

My account was downgraded. Why?

Well your account was probably downgraded because you were not using at least 1/4 of the space. What is the point in having a 2 meg website on a 150 meg plan? If your account is downgraded and at a later time you decide you need more space, you can request an upgrade.