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Are you going to hell?

  1. You are best described as:
    A hard worker
    Someone who does what needs to be done, nothing at all more
    I'm lazy bastard
    I hibernate during the winter

  2. What do you eat on an average day?
    Only what my body needs, not a single calorie more
    Lots of Snacks
    I live in 7-11
    My sole purpose in life is eating

  3. You are envious of people:
    Nope, I am happy with myself.
    Who are more sucessful than me
    Who have nice houses
    Who have drugs

  4. Somebody seriously pisses you off, you:
    Get slighty annoyed but resolve the problem peacefully
    Get pissed off
    Go out and break something
    Use your firearms

  5. As far as money goes you:
    Allways pay what I owe
    Live at home with my parents and don't have a job
    Am very good at ripping off security tags
    Worked at ENRON

  6. Have you ever been arrested?
    Yup, but it wasnt serious
    Never convicted
    Many, many times

  7. How often do you lie?
    I can't recall the last time
    Whenever I have to
    Just on cheques.. death certificates etc
    My whole life is a lie

  8. What would best describe your self image?
    I am humble
    I am damn hot
    A gift to the ladies/guys whatever
    The world exists for my purely for my personal pleasure

  9. Your friends would most likely call you a:
    Good person
    A complete useless bastard
    Sadistic devil worshiper

  10. You are sexually aroused by?
    Nothing, I am literally a Buddist Monk
    Members of the opposite sex
    Members of the same sex
    Circles and other shapes

  11. Your best friend offers to get you plastered after a bad breakup, you:
    Refuse politely
    Have only one or two drinks
    WHEE party!
    Accept, then several days later wake up with no pants on, outside a cheap hotel in a south asian country

  12. You wake up and discover that you have a major final today, which you never studied for.. You?
    Suck it up and try to do your best to pass
    Fake an illness and hope for a re-write
    Quickly tattoo the answers to the inside of your eyelids
    Call in a bomb threat

  13. You find out that you starred in a porno movie without knowing about it, you?
    Go after whoever created it and try to stop circulation
    Sue for profits from the film
    Drive your car into the producer's house

  14. Favorite drink?
    Legal Alcohol
    That stuff grampa used to make

  15. Have you ever intentionally caused an car accident?
    I'm careless and yeah
    I like to sue for whiplash