Lady Dierdre: right in her assumption. Planetfungus: sentient, is thinking. Humans: disrupting it. Need: strike back. Planetmind: weak. Erratic attacks: not the answer. Planet: needs an army. I: AM that army.

-- AntiMind,

LEADER: AntiMind
BACKGROUND: Mindworm/Progenitor Cyborg Hybrid
AGENDA: Mindworm Freedom
TECH: Centauri Ecology

+4 PLANET: Able to tap into Planetmind's neural net to capture mindworms
-3 INDUSTRY: AntiMind experiences pain when pollution enters its "body"
-2 GROWTH: Human slaves are restricted from reproducing to maintain worm majority
Free Ability: Hypnotic Trance: Can turn psi powers aganst user
+2 Nutrients and Energy in fungus squares
Immune to PLANET penalties
Receves free Mindworm unit at start
May not use Free Market economics.

Text by ColonyPod
-Graphics Files by NetworkNode
from original Alpha Centauri artwork

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Information is the stuff of kings (and faction leaders). Someone needs to harness its full potential. And I will do so.

-- Spy-Lord Delan,
"Secret Files"

AGENDA: Steal technologies and infiltrate other factions

Steal Tech When Capture Bases: Double Agents
Share Tech with up to 2 Infiltrated Factions
MORALE -2 Paranoid citizens not used to fighting
INDUSTRY -1 Society primarily geared toward spying
RESEARCH -2 Society used to stealing rather than learning
PROBE +3 Every citizen is a spy

Text by DarkCloud
-Graphics Files by NetworkNode

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Evolution is a universal constant. Do not presume human that a heartbeat is required to benefit from it. The android is the next rung in the ladder of evolution.

-- Nissus 88
"systems record DFGH:0098"

LEADER: Nissus 88
BACKGROUND: Secret Protoype Android
AGENDA: To free the Androids and Robots from human exploitation
TECH: Intellectual Integrity

+1 EFFICIENCY: Automated society
+1 INDUSTRY: Automated factories
-3 SUPPORT: High maintenance costs
PENALTY - PLANET: No concept of environmental welfare
RESARCH 120%: Android brains are not given to inspirational thought

Text & Graphics Files by NetworkNode
leader & FLC pic taken from Bjork's video
"All is Full of Love"

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These are files to replace the generic images that show up in game when you use a custom text file but have no graphics for it. Normally the lovely Diedre shows up, but if your sick of seeing her, you can use these pics instead which I believe are more generic.

Before Installing remove/backup the files from your SMAC directory (for MAC they are in the DATA folder and the ADD-ON DATA folder if you have Alien Crossfire) with the same names as the one in the download so you can replace them if you wish/need to.
Copy the files you downloaded into your SMAC directory (for MAC they go in the DATA folder and the ADD-ON DATA folder if you have Alien Crossfire).
Your done!

Graphics by NetworkNode
-except the cityscape pic by an unknown artist.

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Earth had become an abomination of a planet. Poverty had spread throughout the world, and overpopulation lead to more poverty. The Imperialists have survived and made it to Chiron. Here we will build a new humanity, without the mistakes of Earth.

-- Governor Jay Throckman IV,
"Histories Folly"

LEADER: Jay Throckman IV
BACKGROUND: The Throckman Estate, Unity Executive
AGENDA: Imperialism, Power and Glory
TECH: Biogenetics

+1 ECONOMY: Best merchants and bankers
+1 INDUSTRY: Skilled workers are rewarded well
PENALTY for PLANET: No remorse for natural resources
-1 GROWTH: Large families are costly
FREE SCOUT UNIT: Lower class citizens eager for rewards
EXTRA 100 energy credits at start: Rich families
Need HAB COMPLEX to exceed base size 3: Refusal to live in cramped conditions

Text by Jerry Ralph
Graphics Files by NetworkNode

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To kill is not why we were founded; to loot and rob is!

-- Headman Luis Sorn,
"The Marauders Doctrine"

LEADER: Headman Luis Sorn
BACKGROUND: Once a great poet and thinker
AGENDA: Anarchistic State
TECH: None

+1 EFFICIENCY: Hard working
+2 MORALE: Loyal Troops
-2 RESEARCH: No use for thinkers
-2 POLICE: Lawless society
110% DEFENSE: Berserker Troopers, Well trained
Free COLONY POD: Stolen Resources
125% RESEARCH COSTS: Little use for the intelligensia elite

Text by DarkCloud
Graphics Files by NetworkNode
EXCEPT base pic from StarCraft

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And so: the human rulers looked on. The Progenitors: building a new empire from the veritable ashes of the Manifold. And thus: three great rulers emerged.

-- Dorhak Duhan,

LEADER: Dorkak, Deegan, Cahol
BACKGROUND: Scientists from the Manifold
AGENDA: A passive non-interference and dedication to a peaceful resolution in the war between the Usurpers and Caretakers.
TECH: No extra tech

+3 RESEARCH: Very dedicated to Research
-1 INDUSTRY: Only interested in Research
UNIT - COLONY POD: Many others joined them at the beginning
UNIT - BATTLE OGRE MK2: Advanced, and stolen technology
May not use Police State due to their want for a Democratic society.
150% Defense: Strong need for defensive awareness
RESEARCH: Bonus of 1 due to their dedication.

Text by DarkCloud
Graphics Files by NetworkNode
EXCEPT base pic from original SMAC art

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