How did it everything on the planet get this way, and why has the dynamic seemingly never evolved? Since the beginning of this ever-evolving website in 1996, we have examined many things, including how subjective social reality perspectives are programmed into a population through cultural paradigms, how these are constructed and how they can be seen through. We examined a lot of suppressed information, alternative reality viewpoints, and now add contemporaneous discussions on the objective aspects of how realities, both local and general, appear to be laid out, based on experience involving non-local movement of consciousness and being and other sources, for your general evaluation, so that you may relate it to your own experience or use it to further your own experience, in the search for Self and a more accurate picture of reality. 

We have also examined, over time, historical events and timelines, people, places and most importantly ideas, for ideas and accurate information, plus incarnational predisposition, shifts the current personal stage of activity from focus on participation in conflict and polarity, to a more aware and informed observational state ,encouraging the potential for the development of balance within, despite the chaotic planetary events and activities within our current experience, ensuring a more interesting incarnational experience in the time that we have allotted to our incarnational experiences.

One of the most ubiquitous pitfalls on Earth is personal identification with the physical body, or "body-ID", which gives rise to distorted body-id related perceptive viewpoints which are used by various power structures to manipulate, coerce and parasitically benefit from all people who view reality from this perspective - this comprises most of the planetary population. The "body-id" viewpoint does not accurately and truly reflect the true nature of reality, and leads to racism, war, a profusion of other social expressions which appear to rotate around ego-related fixation with security, sensation and power, utilizing the  lower three structural areas of the brain as "lenses" through which to view the world. The higher structures of the brain ,and all social expressions which would follow with those areas used as "lenses", are functionally suppressed , mainly due to the neurological effect of environmental factors beginning in 'childhood', which include the pollution of the environment by synthetic chemical substances, the vaccine paradigm, electromagnetic effects on biological organisms, fluoridation and medication paradigms in general, and the infrastructure of allopathy and its "body" paradigms specifically. 

Everything in Earth culture, especially in 'technologically advanced' countries, is 'about' the body and the fear-control dynamics which arise from it, and the care and preservation of the body, as if it were the person. This gives rise to a host of distorted psychological problems which have plagued this planet on an ever-increasing rate over thousands of years. The deliberate promotion of this dynamic over time has resulted in what we see around us today on Earth. The origin of this dynamic is also heavily discussed in Matrix V: Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier, Gold Edition, published in 2003. 

Discussion of all of the above, its origin and infrastructure, is embodied in the various Matrix books, the first of which discussed planetary power structures and reality in 1988 - it began the socio-cultural dynamic of the use of the expression "Matrix" as applied to sub-structures of reality embedded in planetary culture. We were instrumental in bringing this process into manifestation. The rest is history.


Listings below are linked to book descriptions.  


Listings below are linked to book descriptions.  

For even more books, see the Catalog Summary.

Value in Using Advanced Information and Novel Methods
 To Optimize Your Awareness and Incarnational Experience

* See also:  The New Paradigm and New Technologies for EndGame Times

It's one common sense thing to know what to avoid and why, but it is also a fact that one should use the best things available to maintain optimum experiential function, from the physical vehicle through which we experience to the Higher Self that actually has the experience. 

A number of unique tools and technologies have also been discovered which allow for the maximization of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, while at the same time working to minimize the effect on the body and brain of things around us like depleted oxygen levels, electromagnetic technologies and chemical influences. These advanced technologies are in the fields of Unified Field Physics and Advanced Biotechnology. Two main products which have helped us during these years of investigation are the Takyon Capsule, which first surfaced in the early 1990's and has evolved into several different applications, and the unbelievably good products of an advanced biotech company in Arizona, Novus Research, which came out with a product called Brain Lightning in 1999. I can't express how much this product has helped us. They also have developed other products which help maintain physical capabilities, including Organic Ashitaba and an incredible anti-oxidant complex called In-Sight. All of them are great. Information and links on those very effective tools are presented on this website. The overall summary of Novus products can be seen at their web page Phoenix Longevity

We have extensive links at the top of the page in the drop-down menu. Links to some of our major publications are below.

Thank you for visiting.   

Val Valerian

For Those With Advanced Incarnational Perspectives


Matrix V: Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier (Gold Edition)
Information for Very Advanced, Dominant and Final Incarnations
From The Perspective of a Final Incarnation

© 2000-2003 Leading Edge International Research Group. All Rights Reserved.
 Who Are You, Really? Why Are You Really Here? What is Life Really About? What Really Comes Afterward? What Does It All Mean?
How Do You Sort Through All The Bullshit? How Do You Find Balance? What is Behind Experience? What Are Polarities About?
Why Are Most Websites Useless Red Herrings for Those Seeking Self-Knowledge?  Why Are We Being Lied To Constantly?
Yes, Aliens Exist, But Why Are Alien-Related Websites Red Herrings? How Are Peace-Marchers Actually Feeding the Darkside?
How Are Warmongers Actually Feeding the Lightside?  Discover Answers to These Questions, And More.

* Matrix V- Gold Edition Website  

"The Ultimate Unique Gift To Yourself and Those With Whom You Resonate"

The Most Advanced Material Available for Personal Spiritual Transformation
The Advanced 3rd Edition of the Book

This is material that will make your transition  from the Game to the advanced densities much easier, and help you prepare for what is ahead.  In 1999, the public was shown the movie Matrix in theaters, which gave a glimpse into the possibilities inherent in technological manipulation of society and individual reality. It left a lot of people thinking about the reality in which we exist on this planet. But, there is a Matrix that is even larger than anything even hinted at in the movie - a Matrix in which human experience on Earth is but a small part of a much larger picture - beyond society, beyond the planet, beyond the alien paradigms, beyond religion and beyond all belief systems on the 3rd and 4th densities. The "big questions" that people have on this planet - why we're here, who we really are and what life is really about - are not questions that cultures have answers for. There are plenty of "new age" paradigms around, but none of them have any real answers either, which is why people are stuck on "the eternal search" for truth.

They won't find it within their Earth-bound personality, within all the paradigms that permeate all cultures on the planet that depend on identification with body and gender, and they won't find it in the paradigms of religion. Where is it, and what is really going on here on Earth? One of the keys to discovery of the Ultimate Matrix is out-of body experience and long-time observation of what is actually out there, who we really are, and what it means to incarnate in a body here on Earth. Matrix V is all about your Higher Self, who you really are, your journey of self-discovery on this planet, and what's really going on, both here on Earth and in the density levels which lie just outside our 3rd density level. It is not based on beliefs or belief systems. The fact that the scope of the material in Matrix V exceeds that of any existing literature will become quite evident to the reader. If you identify with your body or your gender, or are comfortable in your "human" existence, do not buy Matrix V. You will not be ready for this advanced material, which is geared toward Advanced, Dominant and Final 3rd density incarnational perspectives.   

"There are unsmiling faces in fetters and chains
On a wheel in perpetual motion
Who belong to all races and answer all names
With no show of an outward emotion
And they think it will make their lives easier
But the doorway before them is barred
And the Game never ends when your whole world depends
On the Turn of a Friendly Card" 
Alan Parsons Project 1980


  On The Observer Mode of Perception 
Copyright © 2003 Leading Edge International Research Group
from Matrix V: Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier

"The observer mode, in the sense of spiritual progression, comes in stages starting with very Advanced and Dominant incarnations and reaches its Earth 3rd density climax in the Final Incarnation.

The novice, as well as developed, observer mode is a ‘people observer’ first. To others, people observing is purely a curiosity of human activity, but that's only the surface appearance. What is more critical is the Higher Self is trying to communicate with the incarnated part of shimself. The Higher Self wants the incarnation to notice the mechanics and the postures of the Game. Observe the awakened Orion DNA manipulations, especially in the female and the growing subservience of the male, etc. This energy originates from the awakened Final Incarnation and passes to shim's Dominant and very Advanced incarnations. Remember, Higher Self incarnations on Earth are simultaneous. I realize it may be a difficult concept to grasp, so just push it to the side, for now, if it mystifies you.

It has been tremendously helpful and of great assistance that the Handbook for the New Paradigm volumes are available at this time. They have greatly assisted those incarnations who have read them and contain the 4 Laws of the Universe. Of the 4 laws, the first 2 are especially important in advancing in observer status - Like Attracts Like and The Law of Allowance. [Ed: see the section at the end of the book for a review of these principles.]

It’s very synchronistic that I had just spoken to Val about writing this piece when he received the new 4-section addition to the Handbook, which deals with being an observer, among other things.

Section 2 of 4 in the new material gives the difference, in terms, between watcher and observer. The watcher is passive. The watcher is only indulging his/her curiosities but has no intention of becoming aware. The observer intends to use the knowledge to become aware and develop. The observer strives to spiral out of the Game. The watcher desires to play the Game. The watcher can also intend on using the materials gathered from watching to further control other Earth humans. 

You don't become a full observer over night, although once ready, spiritually, you progress rapidly. Being an observer is an active role. You receive important knowledge and then you apply what you learn to your life. For example, you apply the 4 Laws of the Universe to your private life. Let others do what they will, but the observer is eager to spiral out.

When you have reached observer status, no one will be able to drag you back, although they will try. As I've mentioned before, this can be a lonely path unless you are fortunate to connect with another observer. The keen observer, as stated in #2 of 4, is cognizant of the scene and his/her place in it. The observer also knows how the new knowledge differs from the Games rules and sees how his/her reality has changed and continues to change. This is an important part of the spiral out.

The observer does not submit to the Game's peer pressures. The observer has adjusted his/her life to fit the spirit's control over the body. This is the rocky road, as per one of my earlier pieces. Once you have accepted one "logical statement", as #2 of 4 says, into your belief system, you have begun the total realignment of your belief systems. Knowledge trumps belief since belief, which is a Neptunian deception, is not necessarily based on fact and always contains control systems of the Game. As you realize what is true, your entire viewpoint can change.

Observers share what they discover with others, but will never force this knowledge. If an observer shares something, and the interest is rejected by the other person, you change the subject. A seed has been planted; so let nature take its course.

Those who 'go with the flow', as #2 of 4 warns, take the path of least resistance. This is the smooth path I warned of. Those who go with the flow are adding to the momentum of planetary enslavement.

The chaos period is almost here and could kick in full swing at any time. Observers will handle this far differently than watcher, common or minion incarnations. This piece should give those who read it much to consider."


Operational Principles and the Observer Perspective 

from Matrix V Gold Edition
Enhanced Comments on Transitional Material: Handbook for the New Paradigm Extracts

Copyright © 2003 Leading Edge International Research Group

The number of applicable principles increases somewhat at various stages in densities. The learning of these principles and their application allows for evolvement to the next level where there is more to learn, apply and create within experience. 

Principle of Allowance (releasing control and manipulation of beings and experience)
Principle of Attraction (what you give is what you get)
Principle of Intention (placing intent in creation of new experience)
Principle of Harmony and Balance (that which manifests when the others are applied)



Extracts From Matrix V Gold Edition

Copyright © 2003 Leading Edge International Research Group

"Polarity games are like grade school: lots of spiteful kids, bullies and control groups. All these are designed to keep you from knowing who you are and to give your power to others. Polarity is well depicted in the yin-yang symbol, but, contrary to popular belief, the symbol does not depict Balance. Balance is the expert blending of the two polarities into one. There is a balance of polarities in our galaxy. Some areas heavily Light while some areas are heavily Dark. There are even a few areas where they are roughly in parity. Unfortunately, Earth is in a Dark polarity area. There is nothing that can be done to change this at this time, by individuals or even groups. Dark on Earth, via organized religions, governments, society and secret groups, has too firm a control. The Game must be seen to its ending."   

"Your Higher Self allows freedom of choice here as learning experiences. You won't make a choice that will cancel any experience that your Higher Self requires, but there is plenty of latitude in 'other' experiences. The more Advanced you become is due to how you handled decisions for your incarnation. You WILL, for example, have to experience being BOTH polarities. Without those experiences, you won't appreciate Balance."

"Balance OBSERVES the Game and points out interesting facets of it, but does not call for actions against it." 

"The Law of Allowance says that Light-siders must be free to be what they are, just as are Dark-siders. This is part of the Game. Light-siders do not follow this law and neither do Dark-siders. This is a law with Balance at its root and Balance is what BOTH polarities dislike. The christian bible says their god will spew out those of Balance. Well, we know about  that jackass alien. So, do consider these matters when deciding what YOU want to do. There is no right or wrong, just different experience, BUT the best choices are made with greater information, so you are less likely to be suckered in. As with everything else, by the time you reach VERY Advanced stages, things will be made clearer to you. "

"Beware of being swept up in the drama and observe, but above all else, do what YOU feel you must do."

A Comment on Balance

"I read something in Handbook for the New Paradigm III something about Balance being a “narrow, (hinting) bland, existence”, which is ‘why beings keep going to polarities’. This just isn't so. For anyone in or understanding Balance, it is the best of both polarities with the optimum of passion under control of the being, not the physical." (continues in M5G)

"Time is on the side of the Observers because the Observers have put incarnational life in its proper place as just another experience." M5Gold





By Kostas T. Lambrakis, PhD
Director, Ultra-Tek Concepts  
Science Advisor, LEIRG
Chicago - 10 October 2003

For the past 15 years, Val Valerian has published the most comprehensive synthesis of current research on almost all critical topics of the most controversial nature. This was done in an attempt to EDUCATE AND INFORM the public at large, but most specifically, to AWAKEN AND ALERT astute researchers and select individuals that great deceptions were perpetrated upon those on Earth by cunning advanced alien civilizations, their lackeys and human servitors. All areas and field of endeavor were affected, but most noticeably science, technology, economics, medicine and healthcare.

We need not discuss the present status of "chaos and confusion" on our planet today, for it is self-evident on a global scale! What we need to do is contemplate what we can do for ourselves to thrive and fulfill the destinies created by our Higher Selves, complete our evolution and experiences on Earth, while at the same time remain relatively undisturbed and unmolested by the puppet masters of The Game -- which is about ready to end. Rather than simply 'surviving', we must make an effort to add QUALITY AND CHOICES which will enable us to live full, rich and joyous lives during EndGame. This is why we at UTC Research Group (UTCRG), together with those at Leading Edge International Research Group (LEIRG). with the assistance of the Chicago Research Group and Associates (CRGA) have meticulously searched for New Paradigm Technologies to make this possible and feasible.

We have found that the greatest assault on the human psyche, mind and body has been through Electromagnetic, Chemical and Nutritional pollution, specifically Electromagnetic Mind Control and additives to water and food (See Matrix III Vol.1 and 2 for details). Furthermore, we have found the ideal protective and nutritional technologies to protect and fortify the human vehicle against these insidious intrusions.

The first technology we found is Unified Field Energy Takyon Technology™ created by Ultra-Tek Concepts. The second is Controlled Biochemistry Micronutrient Technology™ pioneered by Novus Research in Gilbert, Arizona.  Both are genuine breakthroughs. The former technology was developed around 1990, and around 1994 was researched, tested and recommended by the scientists at the CRGA and deemed the most effective, efficient and reasonably priced "INTERACTIVE WITH CONSCIOUSNESS" protective devices against Electronic Mind Control protocols. These devices are called UNIFIED FIELD ENERGY TAKYON TRANSDUCERS (UFETT), and come in various models.

The latter technology was researched and marketed by NOVUS RESEARCH, beginning in 1999, beginning with the product BRAIN LIGHTNING, a brain function enhancer, and most recently with a whole-food nutritional supplement called ORGANIC ASHITABA, a natural, ancient, organic tonic from Asia. The scientists at the Chicago Research Group use BRAIN LIGHTNING and highly recommend it, and preliminary tests on ORGANIC ASHITABA indicate a tremendous number of multi-functional biochemical benefits. Conveniently, both types of technologies are discussed elsewhere on this website. One must review the amazing benefits of these dynamic products!

It is noteworthy that we of UTC and LEIRG seldom recommend any product that we have not thoroughly researched, ,and the scientists at the Chicago Research Group have never recommended any products aside from those mentioned above.

Finally, the reason why we have researched, tested, used and recommend these FANTASTIC PRODUCTS, genuine breakthroughs involving New Paradigm Technologies, is that we are AWARE of today's multiple intrusions assailing our bodies. If it isn't the depletion of atmospheric oxygen and the chemical environment which affects brain cells and function, it's the electromagnetic smog that weakens our subtle and physical bodies, often overpowering people with thoughts that aren't even their own -- people are not at all functioning at peak capacity. This is why we recommend these dynamic products, which create EFFECTIVE RESULTS. In these crazy times and during EndGame paranoia, we must be result-oriented and pragmatic. Curiously, in spite of the fluctuating economy, many folks don't hesitate to spend a couple of thousand dollars for new computers and other expensive toys. The irony is that many of these 'toys' contribute to our "mind programming", geared toward making everyone a member of a "herd". Yet, we must be wise, prudent, and make a VITAL INVESTMENT in acquiring protection for our minds and bodies.

For those who have chosen to EVOLVE and follow the path charted by their Higher Selves, it is natural to WANT, NEED and DESIRE any means to enhance our physical and mental functioning. From our own experience, and the experiences of many of our readers and friends, we have continuously received feedback that these New Paradigm Technologies are truly superior, and these products are "MUST HAVE" at this critical stage EndGame. Try them yourself and enjoy!


Unified Field Protective Devices

These amazing devices are self-powered and produce hyperspacial fields which can function as protective barriers against EM mind and thought control frequencies. The Takyon Capsule remains the best device available in this since its initial development in the early 1990's by a physicist.  Made by Ultra-Tec Concepts in Washington, USA. The T-1 Takyon Capsule has remained a key defense against many frequency impingements since around its completion around 1990. It creates a protective force-field approximately 3 feet in diameter when worn around the neck. In terms of field function, it is composed of two (2) counter-rotating Takyon Tensor Fields of very high frequency that functionally "suck up", deflect or attenuate (mute) electromagnetic field photons present in ambient electromagnetic frequencies, especially in the psychoactive mind affecting regions, by disorganizing the photonic information- carrying matrix. The capsule on the left has the Radial Amplifier Device (RAD) on top. Actual Size: 1.5 inches long x 0.5 inches diameter. More Advanced devices are also available from Ultra-Tec. 

Click for PICTURE   Click for WEBSITE AND INFO

- As mentioned in Ancient Wisdom, Modern Physics and Matrix V Gold Edition

Novus Research Product Information
Controlled Biochemistry Micronutrient Technology™  
Review summary of products from Novus

The 21st Century Neural Supplement
© 1999-2003 Novus Research, Inc.

Click here for more information.

Organic Ashitaba™
Multi-Functional Whole Food Supplement
 © 1999-2003 Novus Research, Inc.

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General Publications and Research Analysis Reports


 Leading Edge Research Group Publications Catalog

Leading Edge Publications Catalog (PDF) 695KB  

  Leading Edge Quarterly # 1-8  Jan 2002- Oct 2003

Los Alamos Nuclear-Powered Plasma Cannon Being Used in Iraq?

"In the midst of the fighting, he noticed that the Americans had called up an oddly configured tank. Then to his amazement the tank suddenly let loose a blinding stream of what seemed like fire and lightning, engulfing a large passenger bus and three automobiles. Within seconds the bus had become semi-molten, sagging 'like a wet rag' as he put it. He said the bus rapidly melted under this withering blast, shrinking until it was a twisted blob about the dimensions of a VW bug. As if that were not bizarre enough, al-Ghazali explicitly describes seeing numerous human bodies shriveled to the size of newborn babies. By the time local street fighting ended that day, he estimates between 500 and 600 soldiers and civilians had been cooked alive as a result of the mysterious tank-mounted device."  Story Link

Unusual and Interesting Tidbits

Previous postings

Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack **

Administration Planning Election-Related Bio-Attack on United States? **

Real Time Computer Surveillance for Crime Detection  (1 mb PDF) 
A 2001 DARPA-based University Experiment - Final Report 
Law Enforcement and Department of Justice Technology Projects

Black Hole Strikes Deepest Musical Note Ever Heard 
 Other Black Hole Research Reports 
 Eye Contact Sensor Developed

  Interesting Rod Lifeform Photos   

 FREE Pop-up Stopper for PC

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimbel in the wabe.
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

(from Through the Looking Glass)

Geopolitical Astrological Projections

 * Astrological Impact on the United States for 2004 (1/27/04) :The U.S. Mars (war/violence) is 20 Gemini and in the first house of the U.S. people. Transiting Pluto is in the U.S. seventh house of war/open enemies/treaties. Under fascist Bush, the U.S. has been breaking and backing out of treaties like never before. It his desire to become emperor of an American Empire rivaling Rome. Pluto, at 20 Sagittarius, will be opposing this Mars starting June 8 though November 14. This is not good, to say the least, and part of the continuing EndGame series started last year. This indicates violence to the American people is a strong possibility. This is also something that the fascist American government wants, no matter what they say IN PUBLIC, because they can enforce martial law and suspend elections. Bush will become the overt dictator he has wanted to become since he slithered into national view. This is one possibility, but there are several others with this Pluto at this time. An "October surprise" is a strong potential.

 * Astrological Impact on the United States for 2004:  (22 Nov 03) In the US horoscope, the American Sun is 12 degrees of Cancer. 2004 will find Saturn (planet of retribution) right on the American Sun from late May through early June. The US Mercury is 24 Cancer. This Mercury rules the American Rising Sign of Gemini and the American people. Saturn hits here from late August through mid-September and again in 05 when Saturn retrogrades and hits this two more times. One more heavy Saturn transit is when it reaches 18 Cancer, it will quincunx the American natal Moon in the 10th house of national ruler at 18 Aquarius. Quincunx means reorganization.  See "Year From Hell - Gateway 2003 and More"(11/23) , an update on the Matrix V website.    

* October 25, 2003: The Beginning of a Process of Incarnational Reckoning for George W. Bush?
 The situation for G.W. which awaits a series of inevitable triggers to set forces in motion

New Horizons in Astrophysics and the  Universe


The Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology

"Accepted cosmology" is based on the unique case of electrically neutral bodies embedded in neutral interstellar gas and dust. It is derived from the very special physics that applies only in laboratories at the Earth's surface. It relies on the incredibly weak force of gravity to create, shape and drive stars and galaxies. It needs unseen "dark matter" to shape galaxies. It requires that stars are isolated bodies powered by an internal nuclear engine. It assumes that the observed interstellar magnetic fields are magically divorced from the electric currents that MUST create them. Complex, filamentary structures are seen at every scale and attributed to colliding gas. But colliding gases heat up and disperse. Yet this is given as the model for how stars are formed. Because gravity is infinitely weak, theorists have had to conjure up an infinitely heavy object - the Black Hole - to save appearances. Cosmology has become the realm of the mathematician alone and inevitably lost touch with reality.

The Electric Universe cosmology is new and is based on the most general case of the behaviour of electrically charged bodies embedded in a charged plasma. Plasma is a gas in which electrons have been removed from some of the atoms - in other words, it is ionised. Like a metal where the electrons are free to move, plasma is an excellent electrical conductor. 99.999% of matter in the universe is composed of plasma. A charged plasma has a small excess of negative or positive charge. Plasma naturally forms filaments in response to electric and magnetic fields. Those filaments may "pinch" magnetically to form stars. Stars are not isolated but receive electrical power from the galaxy - hence the million degree solar corona. Electromagnetic forces are infinitely more powerful than gravity and capable of simply explaining phenomena attributed to Black Holes. Electromagnetic forces can repel or attract. Gravity only attracts - requiring amazing legerdemain to explain colossal outpourings of matter from centres of galaxies. Plasma cosmology is the practical realm of electrical engineers. It is verifiable by experiment because of the enormous scalability of the phenomena.


The Case for Plasma Cosmology and the Electric Universe  

Plasma cosmology was first suggested by Kristian Birkeland (1867-1917) and was later put forward as a complete cosmological theory several decades ago by the late Hannes Alfven (1908-1995). Today its proponents include Anthony Peratt, Wal Thornhill, Eric Lerner, Don Scott and a number of others. In recent years the Plasma Universe model has also been referred to as the Electric Universe. There are several basic parameters of Plasma Cosmology, as follows:

1. The observed composition of the universe is 99.999% plasma. This is a known fact. The force of electromagnetism acting on these plasmas form natural structures leading to the formation of superclusters, clusters, galaxies, stars, and planetary systems--the cosmic hierarchy so to speak.

2. The universe is dominated not by the force of gravity but by electromagnetism. Since plasmas are highly susceptible to the electromagnetic force, which is grossly stronger than gravity, the EM force is what shapes and molds the universe. Gravity takes a much more secondary (though still important) role in the plasma model.

3. The universe has most likely been around for an infinite amount of time and will continue to exist forever (though it will probably not stay in its current form forever and was not always like it is now). If we start from the present and work our way back, there is no reason to assume that there ever was a beginning to time. This agrees perfectly with causality and the principle of conservation of matter and energy.

4. The hypothetical constructs of Big Bang cosmology, (dark matter, black holes, superstrings, Higgs fields, etc.) do not exist in the Plasma Universe model and therefore hold no sway in its structure. Also there can never be a Theory of Everything (q.v.).

The Electric Universe  The Electric Universe introduces a far richer science that has no rigid disciplinary boundaries. Instead it encompasses all human experience, arts and endeavor. Holistically, it embraces evidence from ancient civilizations as well as the latest space probes. The result is an astounding concordance between modern plasma physics and the ancient testimony of battling planets.

Case Against The Big Bang 
  Ideology of The Debate 
  Aspects of the Electric Cosmos  
Virtual Tour of Electric Space
  Mars & Grand Canyon

 A New Approach in Astrophysics and Cosmogony

Finite and Infinite Games and Players

Let us say that there are two kinds of games, finite and infinite.  

All games are inherently voluntary. There might be consequences of not playing or not following the rules, but there is always a choice required.  There are certain rules and boundaries that appear to be externally defined, and you choose to follow them or not. If you stop following them you aren't playing the game any longer. 

There is no rule that says you have to follow the rules. 

All finite games have rules. If you follow the rules you are playing the game. If you don't follow the rules you aren't playing.  

Finite players are serious; infinite players (Higher Self connected and motivated) are not. 

Finite players try to control the game, predict everything that will happen, and set the outcome in advance. They are serious and determined about getting that outcome. They try to fix the future based on the past. Finite players identify with the body and are easily manipulated by fear and anything that will re-stimulate genetic programming and culturally traditional patterns. Finite players are stuck in 'mind-body' dilemmas, body identification, and dramas circulating around "life and death", and haven't a clue who they really are and why they're here. More than 90% of the planetary population operates from this perspective. It's just experience. The object of a finite player is to continue to play the game, with the idea of "winning" the game.

Infinite players enjoy being surprised.  Its' all just about experience. Infinite players identify with who they really are, a spiritual being having one of many incarnational experiences. The object of an infinite player playing a finite game is to experience, gain wisdom and leave, without attachment to the vehicles which permit experience to occur, or the emotional patterns which came with it.

Infinite players play with rules and boundaries. They include them as part of their playing. They aren't taking them seriously, and they can never be trapped by them, because they use rules and boundaries to play with. 

You can do what you do seriously, because you must do it, because you must survive to the end, and you are "afraid of dying" and other consequences. Or, you can do everything you do playfully, always knowing you have a choice, having no need to survive unchanged the way you are, allowing every element of the play to transform you, taking pleasure in every surprise you meet. Those are the differences between finite and infinite players. 

[ Modeled after some concepts from the book "Finite and Infinite Games" by James Carse ]


Useful Technologies and Interesting Internet Finds

 Hydrogen-Powered Fuel Cell Electrical Generators  

 I-Grid (check on national power grid fluctuations)

World Earthquake News

Planetary Water Wars: The Next Red Herring?
Technologies for the Production of Fresh Water From Sea Water
Water Shortages Are A Political Phenomena,  Not a Lack of Technological Capability

Desalination is now a major requirement in some locations (islands, coastal areas and arid regions etc.) and will attain greater importance as the global economy and population grow. Meeting water demands especially in small islands and coastal areas is increasingly likely to depend on the source of the water resource. A large proportion of world population (70 percent) lives within 80 km of the coastline and much of the population within this zone depends on water brought from far away. An additional source of conflict (even within nations) can arise from the need for water by coastal populations even when this can be met by desalination technology. There are approximately 11,000 desalination plants in 120 nations in the world, 60 percent of them in the Middle East. The first modern plant was built in Saudi Arabia in 1938, although two small experimental plants had been built earlier in the same country and two existed before (in Japan and Egypt).  The desalination plants of the world now produce approximately 4 billion gallons daily, enough to provide about 4 percent of the world’s population with fifteen gallons a day. This is equivalent to providing about one-quarter of 1 percent of the world’s fresh water needs. Desalination facilities also operate in Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar, the Caribbean, Cape Verde, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, India, China, Japan, and Australia, for a total of 126 nations scattered across the globe.  Desalination requires a water source and power - both are available. Alternative Energy Technology News


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