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Arm Warmers

Learn how to make your very own arm warmers out of Socks! That's right - socks. Just remember to wash then first, so they aren't smelly!

Materials Needed:

a long pair of socks (I used tube socks)


A needle

Thread that matches the color of the socks

How to:

1. Take the pair of socks.

2. Then cut off the toe area of the socks, so it's a straight line across the top.

3. Then cut a half circle for your thumb (just under the area you cut off) on the side.

4. Make a straight stich around both of the holes you cut. This is so they don't fray.

Hey! Guess what?! You've finished! Now put them on and pull this up. Put your new arm warmers together with a cute combo, tank (or another top that doesn't have sleeves so everyone can see your arm warmers, skirt, sk8r shoes (they're sooooo comfortable). Check out my combo

Hey girls! I would just love to see the arm and hand warmers you've made.

So email me your picture here, and I'll put them up!