laurence roberts: october 2001

Name: Laurence "Larry-Bob" Roberts

What's His Deal?: He's a writer, and activist, and editor of the legendary long-running 'zine Holy Titclamps

Currently Resides In: A one-bedroom apartment in a recently-sold building in San Francisco.

Currently Working On: A couple of political campaigns and a spoken word series

I can tell you that in former lives, you were a Mennonite preacher in a frontier town, and then an officer in the Prussian army. Please tell me how these experiences subconsciously shaped your current life.

Preaching fire and brimstone on the prairie has prepared me for my current task of ministering to the posing Somdomites of San Francisco. However, my past life as a Prussian officer has caused a retrograde relapse into slovenliness and lack of discipline.

Bard says: If Larry-Bob is reincarnated a hundred or so years in the future, it is entirely likely that he will be someone who will impress all who know him with the diversity and depth of his knowledge of literary and cultural arcana. This future incarnation will be the ideal person to ask, in that day, the question, "Who was Laurence Roberts?" With an excited, suppressed grin, he will begin rummaging through the heaped boxes filling the space between his desk and his bed, until he finally comes across the right container and gingerly, very gingerly, produces the yellowed copies of Holy Titclamps and Queer Zine Explosion from their achival envelopes.

This young man will say, "Just look at the table of contents -- every major experimental queer writer from the 1980s and '90s has work in there, before anyone else ever heard of them!" If he's lucky, he may have even found a flyer for LB's reading series, or rare footage of one of his concert performances. "Oh look," he might exclaim. "That one's one of the issues he did when he was still living in Minneapolis...BEFORE he moved to San Francisco. Oh, and look... I found the issue of Playguy from 1993, when C. Bard Cole was the editor for like two issues, with the feature story about Larry-Bob!"
Larry Bob recently published the special ten year anniversary issue of Holy Titclamps -- although by the time it came out it was getting on more like 11 or 12 years.

The Zine and E-Zine Resource Guide has collected a good number of interesting essays about all aspects of zine-making. Larry-Bob is quoted extensively in "The History and Characteristics of Zines" by Fred Wright.

A short story by Larry-Bob appeared in the 1992 anthology Discontents: New Queer Writers, edited by Dennis Cooper [Scott Heim, David Sedaris, G.B. Jones, and Vaginal Davis are among the other writers included].