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Rome: Memories

The Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's;
The cradle of Western civilization, many remains still evident;
A sidewalk cafe;
Faded pastel buildings glowing in the late afternoon;
Lovers strolling arm-in-arm;
The Colosseum and the Pantheon.

Rome is a tumultuous city laced throughout with romance, beauty and history. These pages will help you find the wonder we experience on each visit.

No other city brings together such sights and experiences so intimately. And the food. If you think you know Italian food but haven't eaten in Italy, you're in for a glorious treat.

If you seek the source of much of our language, literature, art, architecture, governments and habits, you must see Rome. Rome sports the reminders of 2,700 years of continuous human habitation. Through the grime and bustle of a modern, crowded city, there's a special aura over walls that have seen 135 generations of the great and humble.

We've visited Rome often over more than 30 years. We invite you to experience the enjoyment and wonder we've found. This brief 'introduction' can only scratch the surface of what you should know about Rome. Hopefully, what we've learned over the years will help you enjoy your trip more. Better, we hope this will entice you to read other, more detailed, Sources.

Sights | Food | Hotels | Info For Visitors | With Kids


Visitors to Rome may find themselves overwhelmed with the opportunities afforded by Rome's history, art, and architecture. Two weeks may be enough for a hasty tour through most everything; a month would be better. Oh for 'the good old days' of the leisurely travel (and wealth) of the 18th century British visitors to the Eternal City.

Fortunately, Rome is compact enough to skim the best in three (full) days, and if you've more time we guarantee you'll find delightful and fulfilling ways to use it. Enough, so that we've filled several pages covering Rome's Sights and excursions.

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As in so many cities, location is the thing. Avoid hotels not in the city center. In Rome Hotels you'll find a number that we've enjoyed over two dozen trips over the years as well as many recommended by acquaintances.


So much of what we find in the States is far removed from its roots. If you've not eaten in Italy it's difficult to grasp the enjoyment of true Italian cuisine. We've enjoyed the food in Rome as much or more than anything else. We've cooked up a lot of information we think you'll enjoy about how the Romans eat, what they eat and where they eat. If you return from your trip feeling we've understated how good Italian cuisine is, you won't be the first!

The number 2 Roman attraction! Seriously, Italian food as prepared in Italy is spectacularly delicious. Even if you (think you) don't like Italian food, it's worth the trip to find out how much you'll like real Italian food.

You'll find our favorite restaurants in Roman Food and Restaurants, along with some ideas to please your palate.


Rome is wonderful, but also exhausting. There are several worthwhile ways to break the intensity by visiting one of the many Quiet Spots in Rome, or taking Excursions Outside Rome.

Rome For Children

More than perhaps any city in the world, children find fascination in Rome. We've found little difference between what appeals to the old or the young. Here's a sketch, from our youngsters, of Rome for Kids.

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Complete Index of Articles on Rome/Italy

Rome, a lifetime is not enough!

Buon Viaggio, e Ciao!

Recommended by Frommer's!

We were stunned to find Frommer's 2001 Rome and Frommer's 2001 Italy recommend this site as one of six web sources for Rome information. We're the sole non-professional site among a group that includes the Vatican's own web pages.
We treasure the compliments we receive from individual travelers, but it's a special pleasure to be recognized by a travel guru and publishing giant.

Here's what Frommer's has to say: Seasoned travelers advise green-footed wanderers on what to do when in Rome. Musing romantically about the ancient city, the pair guides you to hotels, restaurants, excursions, quiet spots, and, of course, attractions like the Vatican and the Colosseum. The site includes tips on seeing Rome with kids.

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