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Looking for Agent to the Stars, mentioned in Wired News? It's Here.

Athena Scalzi, 7/13/2003

Welcome to, the personal and professional online home of John Scalzi. 

Scalzi Consulting: Writing and editing services, for every medium.

The Whatever: Commentary on our world and my place in it.

IndieCrit: Reviews of independently released music.

Professional Life: Articles on the writing life, links to published works and books, and information on other current professional and creative projects.

Personal Pages: Where you can delve into my brain and see what makes me tick. 

Agent to the Stars: A full length shareware science fiction novel to download or read online. If you like it, send me a dollar. Simple.

Previous Incarnations: Archives of writing, from high school onward. Columns, reviews, essays and more.

About John Scalzi: A quick and dirty guide to, well, me.

Site Map: Find everything, now.

I hope you enjoy the site.

-- John Scalzi





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