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January 19: Producers talk DOG SOLDIERS: FRESH MEAT

FANGORIA scribe Marc Shapiro reports in with news on the eagerly awaited sequel:

DOG SOLDIERS: FRESH MEAT, the follow-up to easily one of the most refreshing werewolf movies in years, will go before the cameras in April. Budgeted at $5.5 million and scheduled for a 35-day shoot, the sequel will be shot in either Luxembourg or Canada under the direction of Andy Armstrong (an action/2nd unit director with credits including HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II, NIGHTBREED and HIGHWAYMEN) from an Eric Miller script. The story is by the original’s returning producers, David E. Allen and Brian Patrick O’Toole.

“The new movie begins right at the end of the first film,” Allen reveals. “Cooper is picked up by an American team who, we find out, were the real opponents for the war games for Sgt. Wells’ squad. We discover more werewolves that we didn’t know about from the first movie, who may or may not be part of the family. There’s more action, more gore and there are definitely more werewolves. It’s all out in the woods again, with plenty of guns and blood.” As of now, no cast has been announced, including whether actor Kevin McKidd will return to reprise the Cooper role.

O’Toole offers that the approach to FRESH MEAT will be the same as on the original DOG SOLDIERS, which literally came out of nowhere to become a fan favorite and, in many critical eyes, joined GINGER SNAPS as one of the best werewolf movies since THE HOWLING and AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. “Our idea with the first film was to make it for the fans,” he says. “We made a small film about werewolves and treated it right. We didn’t put our tongues in our cheeks. We set out to make a real horror film without the SCREAM-like nudges to other films.”

Allen adds that DOG SOLDIERS: FRESH MEAT will definitely not be the last in this hairy saga. “We’re definitely thinking in terms of a franchise,” he says. “We have a third story sitting in the background, and we also have an idea for a prequel that would tell the story of the werewolf family. But don’t look for DOG SOLDIERS IN OUTER SPACE or DOG SOLDIERS IN THE HOOD. We’ll only make these movies as long as we can stay true to the nature of what the werewolves are really all about.”

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