Agenda: HIV/AIDS

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Ensure access to affordable health care, including AIDS/HIV Services.
Dean Says "My health care proposal ensures that all Americans would have access to affordable health insurance. This would be a major step forward for individuals suffering from AIDS, many of whom lack coverage despite the need for costly life-saving interventions. I also support increased funding for public health programs like the Ryan White CARE Act."

Howard Dean HIV/AIDS Network
Get involved. If you're interested in discussing Howard Dean's HIV/AIDS policies with other Dean supporters, join this group:

  • Dean AIDS Network
  • Howard Dean's HIV AIDS Policy

  • Read the Press Release Here
  • Read the HIV/AIDS Policy Statement (PDF)
  • Read the Presidential Pledge To Action on Global AIDS (pdf)
  • The Bush Record on HIV/AIDS
    How Bush has failed to lead on HIV/AIDS:

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  • AIDS Activists Endorse Howard Dean
    Read this World AIDS Day 2003 Open Letter:

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  • AIDS Walk Events Nationwide
    Dean Volunteers at AIDS Walk events across the country.
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