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Folder Size Property Page

Folder Size Shell Extension is a free shell extension for Windows 95/98 and NT. It adds a new tab to the Properties dialog that displays a folder's and drive's size. This new page allows you see the folders and sub folders sizes (in a hierarchical tree). To access to the options (units, sort, etc.) a contextual menu is provided. Folder Size Shell Extension delivers useful information and integrates well into Windows 95/98 and NT's existing structure.

To activate this extension, right-click on a folder (or on a drive), and click on Properties in the contextual menu. Windows Explorer displays the Properties dialog with a new page named Size.

Notes :

 Version   Date   Size   Win 95   Win 98   Win NT   Win 2K   Win XP 
3.2  05/07/2000   166 Kb   ZIP Format  Supported Supported Supported Partially Supported Partially Supported

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Folder Size Screen Capture

Install / Uninstall

  1. Uncompress the ZIP file with PkUnzip 2.04g (or compatible ZIP tool),
  2. Run the install.exe file.
  1. Open the Control Panel,
  2. Open the Add/Remove Applications panel,
  3. Select the Folder Size Shell Extension v3.2 and click on Add/Remove button.
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History Revision

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are your freeware is Year 2000 (Y2K) compliant ?


Yes. The freeware date management is based upon Windows date management and all the 32 bits version of Windows (Windows 95/98 and Windows NT) are year 2000 compliant.


I try to install your freeware under Windows NT. The installation program does not display error message but the freeware is not installed (it is not listed in the Installed Program list under the Control Panel). Why ?


Under Windows NT you must have the administrator privileges to successfully install the freeware. You have no error message during the installation procedure because the installation program does not verify if it can write data in the registry database.


I'm using your freeware and tried to uninstall that program through "Control Panel/Add & Remove Programs" but I only get an error message "Installation failed". Why ?


When you uninstall the freeware you must not use it (i.e. it must not be running when the uninstall procedure is called). Folder Size is in use when a folder properties windows is opened.


The count of space used seems to wrap round if used to measure the size of a folder that contains more than four Gigabytes. ?


In fact versions of Folder Size Shell Extension prior v3.0 not works with drive larger than 4 Gb, so if you use drive larger than 4 Gb you can obtain incorrect results with these versions. You must download v3.0 or above to solve this problem.


I have noticed that Folder Size Shell Extension gives conflicting folder size information. For example, its telling me that my windows folder is 385.63 Mb large and Explorer tells me that its only 34 Mb.


This is because Folder Size Shell Extension reports you the size of the folder and its subfolders (the Explorer reports you only the size of the folder without its subfolders).


Is there an option to report all folders sizes in the same unit ?

  Yes with the uses of the contextual menu (right mouse click in the Folders Size Property Page tree view) for version prior v3.0. For version 3.0 use the option menu.  

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Last modified : April 25, 2000