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DARK SHADOWS is a unique, dramatic half-hour series fashioned in the style of the classic Gothic suspense novel.

The setting is a small fishing village, Collinsport, Maine. High on Widows Hill stands Collinwood, the brooding [ Dark Shadows House ] family mansion. It's a home of dark mysteries and intrigue. Within its great halls stalk the tormented residents of the estate... ghosts, witches, werewolves... held captive by spells reaching out from the depths of time.

Young Vicki Winters has come here to be the governess of 10-year old David Collins, heir to the family fortune... and also to be companion to Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, the inscrutable mistress of Collinwood. To Vicki's surprise, ominous events unfold, not only in the present but in the past.

The supernatural is commonplace at Collinwood, home of the family's 175-year old resident vampire, Barnabas Collins.

Premiered on ABC, 1966. All 1225 episodes will be shown, including the first 210, which have not been aired since their original broadcast.


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