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Mars Observer

The Mars Observer spacecraft was to be the first U.S. spacecraft to study Mars since the Viking missions 18 years ago. The Mars Observer spacecraft fell silent just 3 days prior to entering orbit around Mars.

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[TXT] Fact Sheet 17-Feb-1992 (6K)
[TXT] Keplerian Elements 17-Mar-1993 (1K)
[TXT] Launch Date Reaffirmed 18-Sep-1992 (3K)
[TXT] Launch Postponement 28-Aug-1992 (1K)
[TXT] Loses Communication With Earth 29-Aug-1993 (11K)
[TXT] Major Milestones Reached 09-Jul-1992 (1K)
[TXT] Mars Observer Concludes Operations 26-Nov-1993 (3K)
[DIR] Mars Observer Images
[TXT] Mars Observer Newsletter 11-Aug-1993 (15K)
[DIR] Mars Observer Status Reports
[TXT] Moved to Launch Pad 21-Aug-1992 (1K)
[TXT] Participating Scientists 03-Apr-1992 (11K)
[TXT] Press Kit 08-Sep-1992 (53K)
[TXT] Press Kit Orbit Insertion 23-Aug-1993 (41K)
[TXT] Return to Mars Study Team 01-Sep-1993 (1K)
[TXT] Whats Next 13-Sep-1993 (9K)

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NASA Projects: Mars-Primitive Life Research - This area contains information regarding primitive life research of the planet Mars. Learn how a NASA-funded team found the first organic molecules thought to be of Martian origin.

NASA Projects: Viking - Viking was designed to orbit Mars and to land and operate on the planet's surface. Learn more about Viking and its two (2) identical spacecraft, each consisting of a lander and an orbiter that supported this mission.

NASA Projects: Mars Pathfinder - On July 4, 1997, the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft arrived on the Red Planet. Pathfinder deployed a small rover called Sojourner to explore the Martian landscape.

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Meteorites From Mars  - This site has information about twelve unusual meteorites that are almost certainly pieces of Mars blasted off the planet by meteoroid impact. Brought to you by the Astromaterials Curation Center at NASA Johnson Space Center.

The Story of a Little Rock on Mars  - Check out what the "little rock" on Mars thinks of the Pathfinder.

PDS Mars Explorer for the Armchair Astronaut  - Mars Explorer allows you to obtain tailor-made image maps of any area on Mars.

Atacama Desert Trek  - Nomad, a planetary-relevant mobile robot, was chartered to traverse 200 kilometers across the Atacama Desert in Chile, exploring a landscape analogous to the surfaces of the Moon and Mars. An unprecedented demonstration, the Atacama Desert Trek set a new benchmark in high performance robotics operations relevant to terrestrial and planetary exploration.

NASA Ames Center for Mars Exploration (CMEX)  - Comprehensive educational resources for teachers and students including historical references to Mars, previous Mars mission information, tools to analyze Mars, current Mars news, and much more.

Mars Fact Sheet  - Learn the many differences between Earth and Mars in this geographical Fact Sheet on the Red Planet.

Long Range Science Rover  - Beyond the 1997 Microrover Flight Experiment on the Pathfinder Mission to Mars, NASA/JPL intend to continue to use small robotic rovers for planetary surface exploration. For experimentation, we have created the Mars Yard outdoor test area for this task and will be conducting field trials in the Mojave desert at Lavic Lake.

Live From Mars!  - An innovative K-12 Educational Outreach project. Live From Mars will explore the science behind the two separate missions to Mars, including what we hope to learn from Mars and how it relates to life on Earth.

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