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Varying Verity

The most important truths are likely to be those which...society at that time least wants to hear. - W. H. Auden

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Varying Verity - Truth never changes, only our understanding into what it is . . .


SARTRE is the pen name of JAMES HALL, a reformed, former political operative. This pundit's formal instruction in History, Philosophy and Political Science served as training for activism, on the staff of several politicians and in many campaigns. A believer in authentic 'Public Service', independent business interests were pursued in the private sector. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, several successful ventures expanded opportunities for customers and employees. Speculation in markets, and international business investments, allowed for extensive travel and a world view for commerce. He is retired and lives with his wife in a rural community. Their daughter is attending University, outside of the US.

"Populism" best describes the approach to SARTRE's perspective on Politics. Realities, suggest that American Values can be restored with an appreciation of "Pragmatic Anarchism." Reforms will require an Existential approach. "Ideas Move the World," and SARTRE'S intent is to stir the conscience of those who desire to bring back a common sense, moral and traditional value culture for America.

Not seeking fame nor fortune, SARTRE's only goal is to ask the questions that few will dare ... Having refused the invites of an academic career because of the hypocrisy of elite's, the search for TRUTH is the challenge that is made to all readers. It starts within yourself and is achieved only with your sincere desire to face Reality.

So who is SARTRE? He is really an ordinary man just like you who invites you to join in on this journey.

SARTRE's home page is at BATR (Breaking All The Rules).

George F. Smith

Unlike Sartre, Smith seeks fame and fortune.  He expects to earn it, though, and has seen ample proof it will not come easy.  His real name is, in fact, George F. Smith.  His formal training is in psychology, philosophy, and mathematics at Tulane University and the State University of New York/Buffalo.  He did graduate work in achievement motivation while trying unsuccessfully to get into a doctoral program in clinical psychology.

Smith's purpose in writing articles is to present a rational, laissez-faire analysis of current issues.   He sees the world as neither liberal nor conservative, left nor right, Democrat nor Republican, but rather as Force versus Freedom -- or Big Government versus small government.  His focus is on the individual and self-responsibility in a society generally hostile to both.

He also writes feature-length screenplays that he tries to sell to Hollywood.

In a past life he was regarded as somewhat more than computer literate. During the '80s he wrote and marketed Boosters, a library of assembler routines for Turbo Pascal programmers.  Some of the software got tested with his three-year-old twin daughters perched on his thigh playing Big Bird games on an adjacent Commodore 64.  In addition to programming, he's done budget analysis, support work, and end-user training in the computer field.

A certified Toastmaster who enjoys public speaking, he welcomes the opportunity to address your club, school, or convention.  He's also available for guest commentary on talk radio and TV.

He encourages your comments and can be reached at gfs543@bellsouth.net.

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George F. Smith

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