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Sex with the Straight Boys
A true life tale of what breeder boys don't want to admit
by someone who knows.
from Issue #6

    I was the guy in high school who called the band members faggot. I was the one who threw all the fem guys in the trash cans. I was the jock, I played sports, had a cool car, went out with the cheerleaders, and tried to be the all around stud.

    I was QUEER.

    I didn't want anyone to know, and no one did, but everyone did.

    I fucked all my friends, and they sucked and fucked me. See, as long as you didn't LOOK like a fag, or WALK like a fag, or KISS another guy, you could have sex with anyone. I did, I had sex with everyone.

    ALL my straight ,kick some faggot ass friends. We never talked about it, we just did it. We did it when we were drunk. We did IT when we were rolling around wrestling, we did it at night, in the head, in class when the lights went out and the movies started. WE ALL DID IT.

    The dirty little secret all straight men have is that they got hard/ get hard over anything. Given the opportunity, they will CUM with anyone, anything, if they are normal.

    The only guys who didn't had tiny little dicks, or some sort of COCK abnormality. And of course we never had sex with the faggots.

    I got better, but lots of the QUEERS who are out there have not. They are still yelling FAGGOT out their car windows at people they don't even know, or attacking people just because they are not "straight."

    I can spot the real faggot miles away, they are in their glass closets, trying to hide behind their hate and violence.

    The only person they are fooling is themselves.

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