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This is a text pager (text file viewer) I wrote to display etexts (usually Project Gutenberg ones). It's based loosely off the excellent Palm Pilot Doc reader, CSpotRun. Anyone familiar with the DOS pager Smooth should also have little trouble with the Reed interface.

Reed all the features you'd expect for a pager; multiple buffers, searching, file information, sub-shells, etc. It also has some you don't, like persistent bookmarks and auto scrolling. It's also only about 25k compiled.

If you have a Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical keyboard (or one of their other new keyboards), try making the scrollwheel on the keyboard (not the mouse) generate 'p' when clicked (It's scancode e0 16 and keycode 140 in X) to experience the "Zen of Reed". You can use the wheel to scroll up and down (without remapping anything), and clicking it to pause/unpause.



reed-5.4.tar.gz32414 bytesYes
reed-5.3.tar.gz29756 bytesYes
reed-5.2.tar.gz29144 bytesYes
reed-5.1.tar.gz28548 bytesYes
reed-5.0.tar.gz27573 bytesYes


2002.11.08 - Reed 5.4

  • L and l can be used to set/go to a default bookmark. I think I wrote this feature around 5.2 actually, but didn't document it.
  • You can scroll past the end of the file (into blank space). This is important because...
  • :o will look for a filename on the current top line and try to open it, going to the bookmark if you're in your bookmarks file.
  • :l will give you a list of buffers.
  • Of course, bug fixes and code cleanups.

2002.04.12 - Reed 5.3

  • Filenames are reverse truncated in the status bar if they're too long.
  • Updated the build system.
  • Breed supports -w to word wrap files, if possible/desirable.
  • Typos fixed.

2002.02.23 - Reed 5.2

  • ,, ., and r work as documented.
  • :r reloads a file if it was on disk (and not a stream).
  • Naming the buffer based on the manual page name is now more accurate.
  • URLs load in breed again.
  • Breed doesn't make a file named '-' anymore when reading postscript.
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