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embedding Japhar in Mozilla
This is a step-by-step guide to making the Japhar/OJI plugin for Mozilla. (Note: The Japhar/OJI plugin is only available at present for Unix.)

  1. Get the Mozilla source:
    Information on retrieving the mozilla source can be found here.

  2. Build mozilla as normal:
    Build instructions for mozilla can be found here.

  3. Configure Japhar to use Mozilla/NSPR:
    Configure Japhar with the following command (there is no carriage return on this line):

    configure --with-mozilla=<path_to_mozilla> --enable-nspr --enable-oji --with-sun-jdk=<path_to_jdk_installation>

  4. Build japhar normally:

  5. Build the Japhar/OJI plugin:
    cd <path_to_japhar>
    gmake japhar_oji

  6. Install the Japhar/OJI plugin:
    cp <path_to_japhar>/lib/liboji/.libs/libjaphar_oji.so.0.0 ~/.netscape/plugins

  7. Rerun Mozilla:
    That's it! Go to a web page with APPLET tags on it.

Note: You will most definitely find applets that don't work. Don't expect much. OJI is evolving, and Japhar is as well. Please, let us know of any problems you have.

Last modified: Sun Mar 5 17:16:55 PST 2000