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Legal Forms

Forms for Documentation
Sample Follow-up Documentation Letter to use after all verbal conversation, telephone calls, meetings and visitations 
Preservation of Parental Rights letter to send to social worker 
Preservation of Parental Rights letter to send to medical provider 
Preservation of Parental Rights letter to send to teacher 
Hatch Amendment Letter to send to school 

Requests for Information
Requests for records or information under the Privacy Act of 1974 
Requests for records or information under the Freedom of Information Act 
Request form for using both the FOIA and PA 

Petitions & Complaints
Petition for Restraining Order (to prevent removal of child to foster home outside vicinity of parent) 
Petition for Leave to Appeal Order Committing Minor to Training School as a Delinquent 

Answers & Affidavits
Answer to Petition 
Answer with Affirmative Defenses 

Motion General 
Motion for More Frequent and Meaningful Visitation  
Motion to Show Cause for Contempt (violating court orders)
Motion to Reconsider a Previous Order 
Motion to Clarify an Order 
Motion to Compel General 
Motion to Compel Production (of records or manual) 
Motion to Vacate - Change of Conditions 
Motion to Proceed in Forma Pauperis (on appeal) 
Informal Request for Discovery (use this one first) 
Motion to Compel Discovery (then this one) 
Notice of Motion to Dismiss Sham Proceedings (Based on False Allegations) 
Notice of Motion to Dismiss for Failure to State a Cause of Action 
Motion to Disqualify Judge Due to Bias or Prejudice 
Opposition to a Motion (filed by another party) 
Notice of Motion to Intervene 
Motion to Intervene 

Appeals & Writs
Notice of Appeal 
Appellant's Brief 
Motion to Proceed in Forma Pauperis 
Request for Transcripts 
Writ of Habeas Corpus 
Writ of Mandamus 
Writ of Prohibition 
Writ of Certiorari 

Certificate of Service 
Notice of Hearing 

NOTE:  If you need a specific form and don't see it here, you may request it through our legal research form(This only applies to forms pertaining to CPS matters and not divorce related matters.) 

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