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100 Days to Change America

The Real Deal: 100 Days to Change America

On the campaign trail, John Kerry is offering details of the “Real Deal” he will keep with Americans in the first 100 days of his presidency. He is laying out specifically the steps he believes should be taken, the changes he will make and the issues he will fight for in the early days of a Kerry Presidency.

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Clean Air & Energy Independence

John Kerry's plan will reduce asthma by improving air quality – both indoors and outdoors. It will: immediately reverse the Clean Air Act rollbacks and step up enforcement; make sure Clean Air Act rules apply and are enforced in the agricultural industry; take new steps to improve indoor air quality; and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that harm the environment and public health.


Making the United States a Safer, Cleaner and Stronger Nation

Vanessa Kerry and John Kerry
(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

Creates 500,000 New Jobs Over the Next Decade and Provides Assistance to Assure American Industries Will Lead the New Energy Economy.

Kerry believes that we must end this dangerous dependence of foreign oil because it leaves American security and the American economy vulnerable. Kerry’s plan will reduce oil dependence by two million barrels of oil a day, as much as we currently import from the Middle East.

Press Release


"...I want to lay out some of what I’ll do in the first hundred days of a Kerry Administration to make the Real Deal a reality.  In the weeks ahead, I’m going to lay out an Action Plan for the First 100 Days.  The specific steps we will take to change America – the steps I will fight for in the early days of a Kerry Presidency...”  - John Kerry

As part of his action plan to change America, John Kerry vowed to:
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(1) A New National Education Trust Fund

(2) A New Era of National Service

(3) End the ‘Era of Ashcroft’

(4) Repeal Bush Assault on the Environment and Make U.S. Energy Independent

(5) Rejoin the Community of Nations

(6) First Major Legislative Plan: Affordable Health Care

(7) Reward Companies that Create Jobs not Phony Corporate Profit

(8) Create a Middle Class Economy and End the Privileged Class Economy

(9) Cut the Deficit in Half in Four Years

(10) End Influence Peddling and Secret Deals

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John Kerry On The Issues:

100 Days to Change America



Americans with Disabilities


Civil Rights

College Affordability


Economy & Jobs


Energy & Environment

Foreign Policy


Health Care

Homeland Security


Iraq - "Winning the Peace"

National Service

Native Americans


Protecting America's Workers


Small Businesses



Urban America


Women's Issues

The Real Deal

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Now that you know where John Kerry stands on this issue, stand with him!