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Voices of Florida provides audio clips from a Florida Folklife Collection series of audio recordings (S1576). This series includes recordings of performances by or interviews with folk musicians, crafters, storytellers, and folklife interpreters. Together, the recordings document such areas as children's lore, religious traditions, Seminole culture, maritime traditions, ethnic folk culture, material culture, and occupational lore.

Zora Neale Hurston: Writer and folklorist

Zora Neale Hurston, Harlem Renaissance writer, grew up in the all-black town of Eatonville, Florida. As part of her job with the Work Projects Administration, she traveled Florida collecting folklore and songs. Here she describes a card game called "Georgia Skin". Then she sings "Shove It Over", a railroad track lining song.

Zora Neale Hurston: Audio Audio 1 Audio Audio 2 Audio Audio 3  |   collection description

Carver Elementary School Children: Traditional Children's Games

Box 52
"Sissy in the Barn"

This recording dates from the period before integration, when Carver School (Hamilton County) was the black public school for the town of White Springs. Elementary students from the school performed traditional children's folklore at the 1954 Florida Folk Festival. May 6, 1954.

Carver Elementary School Children: AudioAudio  |   collection description

Gamble Rogers : Troubadour and Folk Singer

Box 56
Gamble Rogers, a guitarist and storyteller noted for his contributions to promoting the state's folk culture, sings "Noah's Ark" at the Florida Folk Festival. May 8, 1965.

Gamble Rogers: AudioAudio |   collection description

E. A. "Frog" Smith: Raconteur and Folk Historian

Box 59
May 27, 1978

In this clip, E. A. "Frog" Smith tells the story of the invention of the ice machine.
A. E. "Frog" Smith: AudioAudio |   collection description

Ida Goodson: Blues, Gospel, and Jazz Piano

Box 61
Ida Goodson plays "St. Louis Blues" and "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" on the piano. Recorded in Pensacola Florida, August 21, 1980.

Ida Goodson: AudioAudio 1 AudioAudio 2 AudioAudio 3 |   collection description

Lucreaty Clark: White Oak Basketmaker

Box 61
"It'll be Gone When I'm Gone: Lucreaty Clark; White Oak Basket Maker"
Interview by Peggy Bulger.

Lucreaty Clark was born in 1904, in Jefferson County, Florida. She learned to make white oak baskets from her parents. Originally these sturdy baskets were used to hold cotton and carry vegetables. The tradition of white oak basket making has been carried on by Lucreaty Clark's grandson, Alphonso Jennings. In this clip, Lucreaty Clark describes the process of looking for white oak in the woods.

Lucreaty Clark: AudioAudio 1 Audio Audio  |   collection description

Billy Burbank III: Net Maker
Box 61
Interview with Billy Burbank III in net shop by Standard Hardware Store, Fernandina Beach, Florida. They discuss the origins of the business and the "weirdest catch". July 11, 1980.
Billy Burbank III: Audio AudioAudio 2 AudioAudio 3  |   collection description
Aleida Martinez-Garrido: Cuban Immigrant

CD-T-80-46B side 1
Box 61
Aleida Martinez-Garrido describes her decision to leave Cuba.

Aleida Martinez-Garrido: AudioAudio 1 AudioAudio 2 AudioAudio 3  |   collection description

Mary B. Billie: Seminole Dollmaker

Box 61
Interview by Doris Dyen and Peggy Bulger with Mary B. Billie and her daughter, Claudia C. John (acting as interpreter). In Seminole and English.

Mary B. Billie: Audio(Seminole)Audio 1 SeminoleAudio 2 EnglishAudio 3 |   collection description

Skipper Lockett : Rainbow Springs Boat Captain

Box 52
Rainbow Springs Boat Tour Chant
Skipper Lockett, a boat Captain for 22 years, recorded this Rainbow Springs Boat Tour Chant at the Florida Folk Festival on May 3, 1957.

Skipper Locket: AudioAudio |   collection description


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