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ERM Services   Strategic Advice: ERM works around the world with the private sector assessing how their business is likely to be impacted by environmental and social issues, new regulations, consumer concerns, and supply chain issues and help companies develop appropriate policies and management systems to manage these business risks.
Development Impacts and Planning: Our offices around the world have a good understanding of the local environment, the regulatory needs and community concerns and are able to use this knowledge to help develop solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders in the developed and developing countries.
Managing Liabilities and Risks: Our work in this area falls into two categories: assisting with mergers and acquisitions to help buyers and sellers fully understand the potential financial value of environmental liabilities; and working with corporations to understand and manage risks.
Managing Contaminated Sites: We provide assistance around the world developing clean up solutions and working with the client as project managers to remediate the sites. At a corporate level, we are working with property managers to devise strategies for managing the entire portfolio of contaminated sites.
Permitting and Technical Work: We work with a host of different on-site operations which can range from an oil rig through to a pharmaceutical site, assisting local managers to meet regulatory requirements and to keep down the costs of environmental management.

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