The Conflict Begins
An AEUG pilot who calls himself Quattro Bajeena infiltrates the space colony known as Gryps, headquarters of the Earth Federation's dreaded Titans taskforce. Confirming that the Titans are developing new Gundam Mk.II mobile suits, Quattro and his comrades capture some of the machines and then return to the AEUG flagship Argama. They are accompanied by a young civilian named Kamille Bidan, a talented pilot with strong Newtype potential and no love for the Titans.

Evading the pursuing Titans and their allies in the regular Federation Forces, the Argama makes its way to the moon, where the rebels receive new weapons and supplies from their sponsors. After capturing several Federation warships, the AEUG gathers its forces for its first major offensive - a massive mobile suit attack on the Titans' terrestrial supply base, the underground fortress of Jaburo in South America.

To be continued...