Welcome to High School United and Sumida High School of Sakura district!!! You can join this PBEM here, all you have to do is to read the information packages and rules, then fill in the application form. If your character is approved, you'll be informed through email and will be automatically subscribe into HighSkool United's mailing list which you shall post your stories, it usually takes about less then a week or at most two weeks for the application to be accessed so please wait patiently. But if unfortunately, you did not get a reply in two weeks, please kindly repost your application, usually it won't happen though, unless you're very( I MEAN VERY!) unlucky. Other things to note, I'm not the GM for this PBEM, I'm just one of it's player. The GM is Elfere, so if there are any problems about applying, blah, blah, blah, direct your questions to him, however, you can also ask me if you can't contact him. But first, some intro is neccesary...

History of this PBEM
It was the year 1998, Alex Shen created an anime RPG called High Schools United, he recruited several players to play it, of course I am among one of them, but that's not the important thing. Anyway, as Alex is still a student and is constantly pressured with homework and tests, he found it hard to maintain the PBEM, so he decides to call it quits. But the some players decided to go on and took over the PBEM, they are
Akira and Elfere...

The first site of High Schools United.

Every school district has their own share of schools. Each rivaling each other in a certain way. Some may rival each other through sports, such as football or basketball. But there is no way to explain the sheer fun and joy of beating the crap out of other students from your rival school.

You'll take on the role of any type of character you can make up. Every month, a story will be posted. There will be a new type of story each month. There will be a setting set for each month. All actions will be held within the e-mails sent.

Gameplay is simple. The game master will pass out the story to all of those attending that month's rpg game. Then the actions will have to be sent to the game master and to the people who that section of the story pertains to. There is no order it has to go in. It's more so first come first serve basis. You send an e-mail faster than another character pertaining to the same subject, you're action goes into play and the other is nulled.

Information Package on Sakura School District
When Alex Shen created this, there were three schools; Gundori, Huriyoko and Korrina High. However, due to the fact that the playing environment is too big. I decided recently (13/03/2000), that the three school shall integrate into one. Sumida High School shall be it's name. There may be further adjustments to the game later, we'll see. If you got any suggestions, email me and I'll gladly consider it.

Possibly the main goals of this anime-type pbem rpg is to re-create the experience of high schools and to provide enjoyment through one's imagination. The other goal is to hopefully have other anime otakus meet more anime otakus. It's a whole friend celebration!

School Code


  • 1 Player per 1 RPG character. You can only have one, this way the game will move faster.

  • E-mails must be responded within 2-3 days. If you can not do so, please message me of the problem and why. This way we will have a way to tie in the story when you return.

  • No profanity. That mostly pertains to the crazy-arssed swearing. If you need to do so, just represent it with a bunch of symbols (i.e.: *&@#%!!!!).

  • If there is any problems caused by any player, such as harrassment and such, they will be booted from the rpg.

  • Players will send their part of the story to the PBEM mailing list. The address is highskool@egroups.com

Rules of the Game:
Now the game goes as this. The GM will e-mail all the current players on updates on the story so they can add more. All story additions will be based on a first come first serve basis. Players are free to e-mail each other to discuss joint stories, as described above.

That's how gameplay works, and the story will usually end at the end of the month or so.

Here are some links to other PBEM sites, also listed is Elfere's High Schools United page, please go there for the stories posted by the players.



Information Packages

School Codes aka Rules

Application Form

Current Players

Posted Stories




1999,2000 © High School United.
Created By Alex Shen.

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