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SPF Adoption Roll

This system serves to monitor the take-up of SPF. So far, 7470 domains with SPF records are known. Some of the better-known ones are listed here.

Of these:
7211 parse cleanly
93 parse with warnings
166 parse with errors

Breakdown by TLD (top 50):

1.com3468  11.nl71  21.br20  31.fi13  41.ai7 
2.net1019  12.nz56  22.be16  32.ie13  42.pt6 
3.org921  13.pl52  23.nu16  33.cx11  43.cn6 
4.de720  14.at37  24.es15  34.to10  44.ph5 
5.us274  15.biz36  25.se15  35.tv10  45.li5 
6.uk190  16.lu33  26.cc15  36.name9  46.je4 
7.ch139  17.dk28  27.fr14  37.ws8  47.kr4 
8.ca106  18.no22  28.ru14  38.ar8  48.dm4 
9.info76  19.edu22  29.ro14  39.gr8  49.kn4 
10.au73  20.hk22  30.hu14  40.il7  50.vc4 

To register multiple domains at once, please use the bulk interface.
This listing is entirely a voluntary tool and only records domains submitted to it (since 15th Dec 2003); it does not represent a count of all domains using SPF.
As yet, only a count of registered domains is displayed; more analysis tools will appear once the number of domains increases.
A slight change was made to the SPF standard shortly before it was finalised; this accounts for many of the errors/warnings being seen in the early days.
Please note that the parser being used here is BETA; it is *not* the reference implementation.

To add and check your domain or server, please enter it below (repeated submissions will do no harm).
If you are logged in to the site, the domains you enter can be tagged with your email address to allow you to check them here later.

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To register multiple domains at once, please use the bulk interface.