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Olive tree at Agrigento (Italy). Livius is a non-commercial website on ancient history. Since 1996, it has been maintained by Jona Lendering from Amsterdam, Holland. He read history at Leiden University (where he graduated in 1993), specialized in Mediterranean culture at the Amsterdam Free University (until 1996), and worked at excavations in Holland (a Roman villa) and Greece (hellenistic Halos). After teaching methodology and theory at the Free University, he worked for some time as an archivist for the Dutch government. He is currently teaching ancient and Dutch history at the Free University.

Jona Lendering is the author of six books, all in Dutch. Reviews can be found here (all in Dutch, except this one).

Jona Lendering. Copyright Marco Prins.
Cover of De randen van de aarde. Design Studio Jan de Boer.
  • Een interim-manager in het Romeinse Rijk. Plinius in Bithynië, 1998 The Hague (An interim-manager in the Roman empire. Pliny in Bithynia). A brief introduction to Roman history and government, culminating in a description of Pliny the Younger's governorship of Bithynia-Pontus.
  • Hollands glorie. De wortels van onze overlegcultuur, 1999 The Hague (The pride of Holland. The roots of the Dutch corparative economy). A book about medieval peat reclamation, polders, dikes, windmills and the political, economical and social consequences of the Dutch war against the sea.
  • De randen van de aarde. De Romeinen tussen Schelde en Eems, 2000 Amsterdam (The edges of the earth. The Romans in the Low Countries). The history of the Roman occupation of Belgium and the Netherlands, including a collection of hundred translated Greek and Latin texts. (A translated chapter can be found here; other parts were used in this article.)
  • Archeologie van de futurologie, 2000 The Hague (Archaeology of the futurology). A brief history of futurology, including evaluations of the most important futurological methods.
  • Interim-ABC, 2002 The Hague. A skeptical inventory of management jargon, a coproduction with Klaas de Roo and Paul Mentzel.
  • Stad in marmer. Gids voor het antieke Rome aan de hand van tijdgenoten 2002 Amsterdam (The marble city. Literary travel guide for ancient Rome). A book on daily life in ancient Rome, hailed as "the best book on Rome in the Dutch language" by the NRC Handelsblad. A well-known British publishing house is interested in the translation; an English review can be found here.
Cover of Stad in Marmer. Design Anneke Germers. The next project is a book on Alexander the Great, which is scheduled to be published in September 2004. The Macedonian conquest of Persia is, of course, not a highly original subject, but this books contains several recently published Babylonian texts that will be published for the first time. Some ideas already found their way into a review in the Bryn Mawr Classical Review.

The next book will be on the 'long but single year' 69. It is the history of the destruction of Jerusalem, the Batavian revolt, and the six emperors Nero, Galba, Vitellius, Otho, Sabinus, and Vespasian. Other plans are a book on the Mediterranean culture under the Severan dynasty, a history of pre-Islamic Iran, and a book on ancient Judaea. Finally, Jona Lendering wants to write a book in which the Greek/Roman and Islamic legacy to western culture are compared. He wants to show that Islam was more important than Greece and Rome.

In March 2003, Jona Lendering made his TV-debute in a series on the Batavians. He told about their revolt.
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