If you'd like to join the Grey Tuesday protest, send an email to: greytuesday@downhillbattle.org.

Participating sites will post the Grey Album on their site all day Tuesday, February 24. If you don't have a copy of the Grey Album, you can find it on illegal-art.org.

In addition, we are encouraging sites to make their homepage all grey for the day.

If you'd like to participate on Grey Tuesday but don't feel comfortable posting the Grey Album to your site, you can show support for the protest by making the front page of your website all greyscale on February 24 and including a link to this page.

If you plan to participate by making you site grey, send us an email and we'll add you to the list: greytuesday@downhillbattle.org.

We've also been hearing from college and independent radio stations that are planning to play the Grey Album on Feb 24 as part of the protest. If you're involved with a station that's doing this, please let us know and we'll list your station here.

Whether or not you run a website, you can help bring attention to this protest by encouraging sites to participate.

Most of all, you can protest EMI's actions by downloading the Grey Album on a filesharing network, from illegal-art.org, or from one of these sites on February 24. And the music is really good too.

Grey Tuesday Press Release

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DJ Danger Mouse's Website

EMI's Cease and Desist Letter to Waxy.org

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Compulsory Licensing (doesn't apply to samples)

p2pnet: EMI Stomps Grey Album

Changing Copyright by Negativland

1. Will I get in trouble for posting the Grey Album?
Some sites who have posted the Grey Album have received cease and desist letters from EMI; indeed, standing up to that legal intimidation is precisely the motivation for this protest. However, sites who have removed the album after receiving a letter have not had problems since. It seems rather unlikely the EMI will make the effort to contact sites who engage in this one-day protest, and if they do it is likely to be a letter and nothing more. Above all, this is not legal advice and we all participate at our own risk.

2. Will my server be overwhelmed with people downloading the album?
We don't think so, but we can't promise anything. We expect that enough sites will choose to particpate that no one site will be overrun. If you pay by the megabyte, you might want to be careful however, and if possible to keep an eye on your site's bandwidth throughout the day. If bandwidth is a very serious concern for your site, we'd still like you to be able to participate; consider posting the album along with a note that encourages people to come to this site to find a place to download it. The central goal of the protest is to make the album widely available and to demonstrate that there are many people who value music and musicians more than outdated copyright laws.