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Bois Blanc Island (usually pronounced "Bob-Lo") is located in the Straits of Mackinac, top of the "hand" that is Michigan.  (This is not to be confused with the other Bois Blanc Island, Ontario, also called "Bob-Lo," in the Detroit River.)  One reaches the Island by ferry from Cheboygan, a few miles southeast of Mackinac City.  From the Island's west end one can see the Mackinac Bridge and Mackinac Island, and  from the north shore one can barely see the Upper Peninsula.  The largest settlement on the Island is Pointe aux Pins; other cottages are scattered among the trees.  There are several inland lakes.  Amenities are few, but include a general store (Hawk's Landing), two chapels (the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, and the non-denominational Coast Guard Chapel, both active in July and August), the Hoover Community Building, a postoffice, a tavern, an airport, and a one-room Pines School (teacher: Lani White, laniwhite@juno.com) .  Roads are gravel, and in summer often dusty.  The shore is mostly rocky, except for Snow Beach (toward the east, but with no public access) and Sand Bay (toward the west, again, no public access).  One public campground, located on the northwest shore at the end of Bible Road, with a sandy beach, has no facilities; users need to bring toilet and trash facilities.  Ferry service from Cheboygan is available from Plaunt Transportation (located southwest of the bridge in Cheboygan; 231/627-2354, toll-free 888/PLAUNTS, website www.bbiferry.com), and Island Ferry (northwest of the bridge), 231/627-5656, fax 627-5488, reservations 866/260-9042.  The Bob-Lo Tavern (634-7100) has 3 cabins for rent; Al Hoffman (627-3864 or 625-2418) has a duplex.  Real estate agents (who often know about cottage rentals) are Sheila Godbold (Bois Blanc Island Real Estate, at Hawk's Landing, 634-7375, bbire@nmo.net, website www.bbi-realestate.com - which often contains up-to-date news and pictures), Lee Iafrate (Coldwell Banker Northern Lakes, 634-7580, liafrate@starband.net, website www.cbnorthernlakes.com) - both of whom have Island offices, and Steve and Mitchell Begle in Cheboygan, 627-7186, reomich@freeway.net.  Rob Johnston maintains his own website at www.bois-blanc.com.

link to Short History of Bois Blanc Island, by Chris McAfee

(See photos of historical marker below.)

The Bois Blanc Island Association (founded as the Pointe aux Pins Association in 1891), with nearly three hundred members,  publishes a newsletter, Bob-Lo Tatler, three times a year, sent to all members, but which can also be accessed with the following links.  The Bois Blanc Island Directory, first published in 2001, is also included.  Dues - $10 individual, $50 family, $100 patron - can be sent to the treasurer, Loren Gibbons, Box 895, Pointe aux Pins, MI 49775, 231/634-7055, lormar@starband.net.

link to Bois Blanc Island Directory, 2002 form

link to Bois Blanc Island Association By-laws

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