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Congratulations to the Christian Flag
One Hundred Years Old in 1997
Condensed Fourth Edition


Author: James R. Pollock, Ph.D., D.D.
Dedicated to Shirley and to every person in the world who puts Christ Above All.


       Here is the fascinating account of one of the most extraordinary flags of all time. This flag, like an unplanned baby, was born into the Christian fellowship more than one hundred years ago, where open arms gave it a loving welcome. Today, it is no longer an infant. Some 244,000 churches display one or more Christian flags in their sanctuaries and classrooms. On the Sunday nearest September 26, 1997, the flag celebrated its ONE HUNDREDTH BIRTHDAY.

      In answer to the need for basic information concerning the Christian flag and guidance for its correct usage in Christian churches throughout Christendom, this brief and shortened Fourth Edition has been prepared. May it be a blessing to all in fulfilling this purpose.

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The Author

The Birth of the Christian Flag

Like No Other Flag on Earth: The Unique Character of the Christian Flag

Give Honor to the Cross

The Affirmation of Loyalty to the Christian Flag

A Service of Dedication for One or Both Flags

A Christian Flag Code? How Come?

The Law in America

The Original Official Actions Instituting and Affirming the Christian Flag Code

Display of the Christian Flag

Educating the Congregation - Suggestions

In Conclusion


1996 James R. Pollock

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