Civil War Ships


USS Baron de Kalb

USS Benton

USS Chillicothe

USS Choctaw

USS Dunderberg

USS Essex

USS Eastport

USS Keokuk

USS Monitor

USS Onondaga

USS Osage

USS Passaic

USS Undine

USS Hartford

USS Hunchback

USS Massassoit

CSS Queen of the West
CSS Albermarle

CSS Arkansas

CSS Fredricksburg

CSS Hunley

CSS Louisiana

CSS Manassas

CSS Richmond

CSS Tennessee
CSS Virginia(Merrimac)

CSS Virginia II

Prints of some of these renderings are now available.
Please contact me for availability and price.

Please check out the fine line of 1/600 scale American Civil War miniatures from:
and a source to fill in the holes in your collection:
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