by Tzeentch on 29-DEC-2003
The links for the Great Northern War article (expansion for SPI's War of the Ring) are fixed. Check the Articles page.

by Tzeentch on 20-DEC-2003
Added the file and text for an Operational Art of War scenario set in Middle Earth. Check the Resources page.

I've added the original WORD 97 document file for the Gondor/Sauron standard rules, in case someone wants to edit them or whatever. I'll be doing the same thing for some of the other PDF's since I now have a lot more webspace. Check out the Rules page.

Also added an article that originally appeared in Space Gamer #18 for multiplayer options in SPIs War of the Ring. Check the Articles page.

My links page is pretty much nonexistent, but if you are into miniature gaming I suggest you take a look at the intesting"Middle-Earth Battles" website that has army lists and other information for various important battles in the Lord of the Rings and Silmarillion. In addition, some of these articles appeared in MINATURE WARGAMES and I've made the appropriate links and references on the Articles page.

If you're into miniatures gaming in general, there are Middle Earth army lists for the DBM system HERE and HERE. A homebrew miniatures system with Tolkien army lists can also be foud HERE.

HUGE thanks to Jeff M., "Elf Friend", Elliot, and Michael Monaco!


by Tzeentch on 13-NOV-2003
Almost a year since my last real update. Between my military callup, college and other events I never got around to fixing things. I'm going through my emails looking for anything people have sent in that I haven't posted. I've simplified the site somewhat as the old version of my site was becoming a total pain in the ass to manage. Note that the Links page currently doesn't do anything as I consider whether to just combine the links for ALL my stuff into the uberlinks page at my Transhuman Space section.

1) Errata to the WotR charts. Karl Kaufmann submitted this some time ago but now I've noted it on the Resources page. I'll also be updating the chart PDF itself to incorporate the errata once I get the file off my other computer. He submitted it back in August '02, when I was in Hawai'i -- just before I went to Bahrain. Bet he thought I was NEVER going to get around to it heh.

2) I'll soon add Version 3.0 of the WotR Cyberboard "box", also submitted by the patient Karl Kaufmann ;)

3) People have had issues trying to view the PDFs in their browsers. I use the full version of Acrobat to generate the files and I don't have issues on this machine or others I've tested. My only suggestion is to save the files using right click: Save As. Other people had the problem fixed when they updated to Acrobat 6.0.

White Dwarf Minas Tirith
by Tzeentch on 19-JAN-2003
The White Dwarf article that describes a Warhammer Fantasy Battles scenario set in Middle Earth is now available in the Articles area.

Richard Berg Wants YOU!
Mr. Richard Berg, designer of SPI's War of the Ring, is looking for feedback on the game he designed over 20 years ago. So help him out and email him your thoughts on the game, he's especially interested in what you all think about the gameplay and suggestions to improve it.

He's also given me permission to keep the WotR material online and for that I must extend my thanks. So what are you waiting for?! Email the man!

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