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Doctor Who Locations - Visiting the locations where Doctor Who was filmed Jackie Lane as Dodo

  The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve    

Introducing Dodo

On 7 January 1966, a brief scene for episode four of the William Hartnell historical story The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve (Bell of Doom) was filmed on Windmill Road, Wimbledon Common to introduce new companion Dodo Chaplet (Jackie Lane).

Filming Date
January 1966

Wimbledon Common,
Windmill Road, Wimbledon Common (19,995 bytes) Dodo on Windmill Road

Windmill Road, Wimbledon Common

After witnessing an accident on the Common, Dorothea 'Dodo' Chaplet runs across the road to what she thinks is an ordinary Police Box. However, it is actually the TARDIS, recently returned from sixteenth century France.
  Windmill Road, Wimbledon Common (20,389 bytes)   Windmill Road, Wimbledon Common.

The large, octagonal windmill was designed by a carpenter, Charles March, and built in 1817. It was converted for residential use in the 1860s, when the original timber structure was resurfaced in brick. In 1975 it was turned into a museum and is open from 2pm - 5pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from April to October.

  Where is it?

Turn right on exiting Southfields station and walk a short distance along Wimbledon Park Road. Turn right onto Augustus Road then left onto Albert Drive. At the end of this road turn right onto Victoria Drive, left onto Albyn Road, left onto Thursley Gardens and right onto Queensmere Road. Follow the road to the end and turn left onto Wimbledon Park Side. A short way down here on the other side of the road is Windmill Road and this leads to the windmill on Wimbledon Common.

An alternative route, requiring less walking, would be to go to Wimbledon station and then catch a number 93 bus opposite the station (going towards Putney). This goes down Wimbledon Park Side and passes Windmill Road.

Underground Station
Southfields (District line)
Wimbledon (District line)

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Story written by John Lucarotti & Donald Tosh and directed by Paddy Russell.

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