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The Gentle Wind Project has opened this website as a forum for the organization to respond to critical hoaxes published about it on the Internet as a covert way of selling their products and services, and to present the truth about The Gentle Wind Project so the public has the benefit of balanced information.

Most of these hoaxers are commercial websites as indicated by their .com title. There is another ".org" which is also a front for further commercial enterprises. Some of the sites are extreme right wing religious slander groups pushing political agendas that have no connection to the overall wellbeing of humanity or the motives of this project or the effectiveness of our healing technology.

Not one of these websites has ever made an inquiry to The Gentle Wind Project to check facts, review literature or do ANY kind of clinical study to support their claims. None.

The Gentle Wind Project represents a new pathway to mental and emotional health. Whenever a new and unfamiliar idea or technology is introduced to any society, some people will respond with fears, criticisms and unfounded accusations, almost always as an attempt to discredit or eliminate what is perceived as the competition.

The Gentle Wind Project (GWP) has lived with criticisms and attempts to stop its work for years. Most often, these criticisms have been merely reflections of the harm and hurt the critics themselves have incurred. It is well understood in humanity that when hoaxes, created out of outrageously false claims and unfounded stories are made, they are often generated out of the critic’s own lives. To understand more and find the truth about The Gentle Wind Project return to the top of this page and click on the Reality button.

Sometimes critics are actually anarchists, who are by definition, “people who seek a state of political and social confusion and disorder,” and who seek to destroy whatever is in place. The anarchist will burn the hospital just because it is a part of the establishment, not conscious of the patients, families, medical staff who will be injured or the possible threat to his own health and well-being. They just feel the compulsion to destroy. To understand more and find the truth about The Gentle Wind Project return to the top of this page and click on the Reality button.

While we respect the rights of people to have a variety of opinions about us, we also feel that we have the right to present the truth about GWP to the best of our ability and let the reader decide the veracity of these statements for him or herself. The Internet is like an unregulated, international newspaper where people can say and do things to hurt other people and destroy reputations. Once defamatory information has been posted on the Internet, damage can be done despite the availability of the legal process that may provide for injunctive relief and money damages against the perpetrator. The GWP Watchdog’s Watchdog is here to set the record straight and keep it that way. To understand more and find the truth about The Gentle Wind Project return to the top of this page and click on the Reality button.   

It must be said that the vast majority of Internet websites that reference The Gentle Wind Project have very positive things to say about the technology. However, in recent months, two “watchdog” websites have presented an article by Judy Garvey and a new article (as of 2/9/04) by her estranged and "remarkably celibate" husband James Bergin that attempts to discredit The Gentle Wind Project as a “cult” organization, molesters and worse. One of these so called "watchdog" websites also lists Alcoholics Anonymous as a “cult” organization.

Bergin's fantasy takes a different approach than Garvey's. He attempts to prop up the hoaxed Garvey piece with pseudo-intellectual, inappropriate "footnotes" that are portrayed as actual "proof" that some malfeasance existed, when it did not, and is intended to help the reader "connect the dots" showing that a cult existed, which it did not.

The Bergin piece also attempts to present a more sophisticated and crafted work yet contains out and out libel without proof of any kind and attempts to cover this glaring omission with of all things, foot notes and references of disassociated information and unconnected passages from other books, as if that is all you need to libel and slander someone with complete impunity and to do this on a website in England where "anything goes" without the necessity of any proof whatsoever. No matter how hard anyone may try, 6 fulltime employees of a Research and Development Group (11 employees now) do NOT make a cult. Period. Ever.

 We have always been a research and development group and NEVER a mental health clinic, private mental health practice or "cult."

The Gentle Wind Project is a non-profit education and research group located in southern Maine. Our organization has developed Healing Instruments to help alleviate mental and emotional distress, and offers the healing available through these Instruments free of charge to anyone on earth. For more information about the Project, visit our primary website at www.gentlewindproject.org. 

The Gentle Wind Project investigated both of the websites that published the Garvey report and found that each has its own commercial interest and could benefit directly or indirectly through discrediting The Gentle Wind Project (GWP). We also discovered that by publishing this discrediting information, the authors of these websites bring browsers to their commercial websites.  When someone types in the key words that would lead one to The Gentle Wind Project in a Google search or other search engine, these two websites come up in the search. By using charged language such as “exposing” GWP, authors might be promoting their own websites while discrediting possible competitors. We have purposely not listed these websites because we do not want to support them taking advantage of our good name and good will in the world. To understand more and find the truth about The Gentle Wind Project return to the top of this page and click on the Reality button.

In addition, authors of these websites failed to contact The Gentle Wind Project for a rebuttal of the Garvey report. No one from either website called, e-mailed or wrote to GWP to gain further information or to obtain another point of view.  The Gentle Wind Project feels strongly that any so-called truth seeking organization should gather all available information and present all sides of any story. This did not happen with either of these websites. We think that when a person or an organization decides to publish a website accusing someone of contrived invectives such as "extortion," "misuse of funds," and "child abuse" to name a few, that the person doing the accusing ought to have any kind of real evidence in front of him or her that supports those accusations. Having a computer keyboard and the ability to type words and use contrived deliberate slander is not proof that people within an organization have committed crimes such as "extortion," "misuse of funds," and "child abuse." Every single accusation in the so-called Garvey report is made up, unthinkable and outrageously out of character for our staff. The Gentle Wind Project has the paper trail to show that everything in the Garvey report is complete fabrication.

It must also be noted that when people who obtained good results from the healing technology contacted one the these detracting websites on their own, some of their material was published. Some was not. In some instances, the people who responded with positive reports were criticized and mocked. Frightened by the apparently irrational responses of these website people they were further criticized for not giving their names to the website authors who had already mocked and discredited them.  It seems that the website authors had already come to their own distorted conclusions without any factual material from The Gentle Wind Project or from people who found the technology helpful, and they defended those erroneous conclusions even when new information was presented. To understand more and find the truth about The Gentle Wind Project return to the top of this page and click on the Reality button.

In the end, in free societies, any organization such as ours that puts the wellbeing of humanity ahead of its own convenience will survive or fail only by the quality of its relationship to individuals and their communities. It is our whole hearted intention to make a substantial contribution to raise that standard.