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In a wacky wedding, Sean Donely married Tiffany Hill, and Robert Scorpio became enamored with her sister, Cheryl Stansbury, who was gravely ill with failing kidneys that forced her to undergo daily dialysis. Cheryl worried if Robert would discover her past affiliation with the Jerome family. Years earlier, Cheryl Stansbury's first love had been Victor's son, Julian, whom she had never really gotten over. One day, while paying a visit to his grave, Cheryl received the shock of her life when she encountered Julian -- alive!

When Olivia Jerome realized she could never win Duke away from his pregnant wife Anna, she decided to kill him. But Anna became her unintended victim when she was caught in a booby-trapped elevator rigged to crash! Anna was rushed to General Hospital, where the fall cost her the life of her unborn baby. Later, Olivia was gunned down in her hotel suite. When the police arrived, they discovered Anna, holding a gun, standing over Olivia's fallen body! While Olivia lay comatose in General Hospital, Anna was charged with attempted murder. The real killer turned out to be Olivia's one-time henchman, Dino, who was also revealed to be Victor Jerome's illegitimate son. Olivia was shipped to a mental institution. Robert broke up with Cheryl Stansbury, who moved to New York City. Robert rented a cottage in the woods, only to discover the owner was in residence! Her name was Katherine Delafield and though they fought like cats and dogs, it was clear to everyone that Robert and Katherine were falling in love!

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