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Having lost Tony for good, Lucy moved in with Scotty Baldwin, but soon began romantically pursuing Dr. Alan Quartermaine. At the same time, she was thrilled to receive flowers and notes from a secret admirer - the imprisoned mobster, Victor Jerome. Victor escaped jail, and pledged his love to Lucy on the Port Charles docks. Lucy, flabbergasted, rejected his outpouring of affection, prompting Victor to swallow the engraved heart-shaped pendant he had made especially for her. He choked to death! Lucy seduced Alan into helping her dump the body in the lake! Eventually, Victor Jerome's dead body washed up on shore on Spoon Island.

Robert Scorpio fell deeply in love with his roommate, Katherine Delafield. When Katherine's fiance, archeologist Paul Devore, learned of their love, he locked "Kate" in an Egyptian tomb. Robert rescued her, and they consummated their love. Soon after, Robert's aboriginal friend, Tangeneva, warned Scorpio that he would die at the hands of a blond-haired person. At a New Year's Eve murder mystery party at the Wyndemere Mansion, Scorpio collapsed down a flight of stairs! Everyone believed that Robert's fall was part of the game, but Sean confirmed that the terrifying tumble was for real. Seeing Robert immobile, Kate screamed in horror! Was Tangeneva's prediction about Robert dying by the hand of a blond before the end of the year actually coming true?

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