The Scientific Alliance Advisory Forum comprises experts from a broad range of sciences who contribute professional advice on specific environmental issues and provide broad guidance on the Scientific Alliance's general policies.

They have signed up to the Scientific Alliance's Declaration:

Scientific advances have provided, and will continue to provide, solutions to many environmental problems. While differences of opinion are welcome and, indeed, play a vital role in the development of both science and society, the Scientific Alliance is concerned about the many ways in which science is misinterpreted and at times misrepresented.

If optimal use is to be made of currently availabe resources, policies must be based upon sound and reliable information. The Scientific Alliance provides a forum for addressing environmental problems based on sound science.

The Scientific Alliance Advisory Forum Members are:

Professor Tom Addiscott
Rothamsted Research

Dr Sallie Baliunas
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Dr Jack Barrett
King's College London

Professor Sir Colin Berry
Queen Mary, University of London

Dr Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen
Department of Geography. Hull University
Bill Durodié
The International Policy Institute, King's College London
Professor Mick Fuller
Department of Agriculture & Food Studies University of Plymouth
Dr Jeremy Hodge
Dr Judith Irwin
John Innes Centre

Professor Emeritus Michael Laughton
University of London

Martin Livermore
Independent Science Communications Advisor
Professor John Mellor
University of Southampton
Professor Vivian Moses
King's College London

Dr Benny Peiser
Faculty of Science, Liverpool John Moores University

Professor Emeritus Phillip Stott
University of London

Professor Anthony Trewavas
University of Edinburgh
Professor Michael Wilson
Horticulture Research International
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