Fans anticipating the release of Foxy Brown's new album, Ill Na Na 2: The Fever, will wait a little longer.

On Wednesday's broadcast of The Wendy Williams Show in New York, Foxy explained that her album has been shelved (pushed back) indefinitely. She admitted to Wendy Williams that her album was supposed to drop in May, but that Def Jam/Bad Boy Records, who are 50/50 owners of her contract, have shelved the project because Foxy and P. Diddy could not agree on the contractual terms.

Foxy also told Wendy that she asked Def Jam CEO Lyor Cohen to let her out of her recording contract. "His response was, 'Over my dead body am I letting you go. You're stuck.' Verbatim. And I called him a devil and he hung up on me."

In addition to that, Foxy let it all out about her relationship with P. Diddy, Eve, Kurupt, Jay-Z, Nas, and a host of others situations ranging from her miscarriage to who took her virginity.

Some of the interview highlights include:

  • her feelings about Irv Gotti. "...Irv Gotti to me is the biggest rise & fall of Hip-Hop history. it's sad but that's karma..."
  • the discussion of the miscarriage with her boyfriend Spragga Benz.
  • her first sexual experience.
  • the truth behind her beef with Eve. "...It has nothing to do with music...the reason why Kurupt ever found out about anything about DMX having a crush or liking me, was through her...DMX and I never had anything..."
  • her discussions with Def Jam about who is falling off on the label. "They [Def Jam] told me clearly, 'Ja's over, X is damn near on his way out, and Jay-Z is trying hard to get a comeback. Those are their words."
  • her desire to sign with Dr. Dre / Aftermath. "To me, like 50 Cent, he [Dr. Dre] lets his artist live."
  • her nickname for Nas. "I call him King Cobra. AZ and I have always gave him that nickname because Nas is very slithery..."

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