Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       6 Men, 13 Kayab, 11 Ik        

Selamat Jarin! We come before you, dear Hearts! Today, we intend to give you a brief introduction to our Sirian culture and language. We will also discuss our impact upon the development of your world. Sirius B is one star in a multi-star system that is about 8.3 Light Years from Earth. A Light Year - the distance travelled by light in one year - is about 5.88 trillion miles (9.46 trillion kilometers). There are six planets in our solar system, which we call 'Akonowai' (the blessed path). Two planets - the third and fourth from our Sun - are inhabited. We first settled the third planet, which has two moons, over four million years ago. It is called 'Atarmunk' or 'holy place of the Atar'. The Atar is a golden, eagle-like bird, six feet tall, which we celebrate for its valor, wisdom and loyalty to its mate. The spiritual warrior clan is named for it. A large nest of Atars is regularly found on the roof of the main temple. More than 600 million people inhabit a planet-wide series of specially-built, subterranean communities on this world.

      For the most part, the surface of our world remains unspoiled. A series of temple sites located on its surface are surrounded by small, permanent communities of between six and 10,000 individuals. These settlements support the temple site and constantly monitor the major node that is located at the exact center of each. Ritual, including chanting, dance and inspiriting music, is performed each day. At the main Atar temple site is a small spaceport meant for the performance of certain diplomatic rituals, which involve the arrival of special dignitaries from other member star organizations in the Galactic Federation of Light. Owing to the presence in our system of the Great Blue Lodge, these ceremonies take place almost every day. After the arrival ceremony, a special ritual called the 'Aktaiwa' (summoning) is performed to prepare the personage for a session with the Council of Nine. This meeting is held at a special stargate located between the third and fourth planets in our solar system. The gate opens with a large explosion of purple, followed by a light blue flash.

      The fourth planet, named 'Muktarin' (land of the blue seas) is much like your world in appearance. Living in its oceans are highly sentient aquatic Beings who resemble the whales and dolphins of your Earth. They are the main guardians of this world. A number of sacred temple sites are constructed in her oceans. A joint series of ceremonies with these Beings, called the 'makudeem' (sacred ones), is performed at these temple sites every day. On Muktarin are the headquarters for the Sirius B Galactic Federation mission, which includes our diplomatic, liaison and defense operations. We do not allow any large starships or their fleets to enter our solar system: only a fleet of specially-designated scout ships is permitted. We Sirians do not take our stewardship of the Sirius B system lightly. We are quite aware of its legendary sacredness, and of how many wish to come here. Still, we understand that we are only honored guests and that we must conscientiously honor the wishes of the holy ones who rule this realm. Therefore, we limit the number of visitors on Sirius in order to honor the requests of the sacred heavenly Councils that preside here.

      The Sirian star-nation is a galactic human society. It has been a model for many other human star-nations in the Galactic Federation of Light and consists of six major clans: Atar; Shira-tar; Pukman-ya; Shik-da; Dubasnak-ya and Dubasnak-ya-men. On Earth, they could be referred to as the spiritual warrior - the administrator - the science - the science engineering - the life sciences and the life sciences engineering clans. Each one is further separated into sub-clans, pods and podlets. The working forces that support these clans are fluid group dynamics and the Four Sacred Laws of galactic society. Clans are intertwined to form communities. Every individual on Sirius B sees her/himself as a sovereign, creative Being. Each has come to fulfill certain talents and a life mission. This does not prevent her/him from suggesting a solution to a community or global problem. In fact, our galactic society welcomes and honors such ideas.

      Our spoken language is contextual in nature. For example, the word 'selamat', which means condition, precedes words in a greeting or salutation to emphasize the word or phrase that follows. 'Selamat Ja!' means 'may a condition of Joy or oneness be present'. This can be further reinforced by the word 'Jarin'. '-Rim', '-rin' or '-ran' signifies 'ultimate'. Thus, 'Selamat Jarin' means 'Blessings'. We see Joy as the natural state of all sentient Beings - in fact, the word for the Creator is 'Ja Ta' or 'Joy of Heaven'. Water is 'Wa Ta' or 'thing of Heaven'. 'Sa' means 'one', both as a number and as an individual. For example, 'sa bha', 'one soul' and 'Washta sa', 'Mister Washta'. The Sirian language contains nearly the same number of consonants as do most of your Earth languages. It also contains five major vowels, which are strung together to form words. Because verbs and nouns are given equal weight, our sentence structure will seem strange to you.

      These words can be broken down into a number of basic proto-words. Normally, these consist of a consonant combined with a vowel. For example, the word for the main continent of Muktarin is 'Sa-ka-ra' or 'the soul of female creativity'. 'Ra' is the principle of female creativity: 'ka' refers to the body guardian or its soul: and 'sa' denotes the entirety of anything. This same principle is found in your words. The Anunnaki realized, at an early stage, the power of language to unite or divide a population. Therefore, they scrambled their proto-word codes and made the meanings of proto-words in your many languages very different from one another. Ancient Lemurian closely resembles Sirian, as well as the language of Vega - the origin of all humans in this galaxy. The languages used by many of Earth's Pacific Ocean peoples come closest in meaning to the proto-words of galactic Sirian.

      This discussion leads us to the connection between your origins and ours. Remember that you are our children. As the progeny of ancient Lemuria and its daughter, Atlantis, you have within you the same genetic make-up that is in our bodies. The major difference is that in you, most of this genetic patterning still lies dormant. The transformation that you are undergoing will remedy this situation. Still, tantalizing clues linger in your languages. The Anunnaki left behind enough proto-words to enable you to reconstruct your ancient mother tongue. Your linguists are aware of this, and their detailed research is slowly re-forming it for you. Another quick part of this process will be your reunion with the peoples of Agharta (Inner Earth). They have retained Lemurian as their main language and recently have actually assisted your linguists by giving them some important clues.

      Our Sirian culture has spawned a wealth of human societies in this galaxy. One of them was ancient Lemuria. We are unshakable in our resolve to assist you in recreating your present society by putting forth its new mold. Gradually, this new galactic society is forming around you. In the past, we helped to fashion ways that made your societies more just and, for this reason, Sirius is referred to as the 'cradle of Earth's human civilizations'. Even though we were less than successful in those efforts, we did help Heaven to create a vehicle for the Light on your world. Inevitably, that Light, now, is about to prevail! Our motivation for this discussion has been twofold: First, this message can increase your awareness of our home-worlds and culture, and a brief insight into our language. Second, it will begin to show you how very similar we are to each other.

      Today, we have digressed to give you a better understanding of who we are. The Sirian star-nation will gladly welcome you into the Galactic Federation of Light. The events that are unfolding on your world will liberate you and end the veil of misunderstanding that long has separated us. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the unceasing Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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