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Rocketek Marine advanced marine engines is a company with strong alliances to long time established companies in the Marine Industry. Our charter is to design, manufacture, and distribute a superior marine engine conversion that is based on a proven General Motors engine. Our innovative design, because of its compact size and lighter weight, allow us to compete very favorably in the Outboard Motor marketplace, the high end Outboard Motor Manufacturers (150+Horsepower) are currently under attack needing to meet tougher EPA requirements. Their solutions have resulted in increases of weight, size and cost, especially as they migrate to 4-stroke technology. There is additional market overlap in many segments of the stern drive market that could benefit from the Rocketek power package. Our engines will be attached to the Award Winning* Pulse Drive propulsion system, magnifying performance and reliability. Engines can also be installed in a straight shaft configuration. We are initially supplying engine packages that range from 175 -300 HP, and expanding in the future to produce additional packages to 600 Horsepower. In addition to our direct sales efforts our alliance companies have established distribution networks enabling rapid introduction and support to various target markets.

Package, weight, reliability and the utilization of a popular proven GM base engine make Rocketek the logical choice for many applications. Because we are be able to offer more Horsepower less expensively, manufacturer's can offer their customer's a better solution.

*Award Winning NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) Innovation of the Year Award 2002.

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