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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Yeah, yeah 

I'm wayyyy behind in posting. I know, I know.

My only lame excuse is that I haven't had internet access at work for a while. And there just hasn't been a whole lot to write about, because things have been going pretty well, overall.

Well, I've got internet again from work now, and yes -- I'm pregnant! So I'll be posting more, really. Something to talk about, anyway.

We haven't been trying to get pregnant... in fact, the opposite, although I admit we've not been trying not to all *that* hard. I've been using NFP, and kinda half-assed. Never did get around to buying a basal thermometer, so just going by CM & dates. Which would be pretty damned safe, except that my perfectly regular cycle wasn't regular this time.


See, we had sex on Nov. 29th (our one-year anniversary), which was the last safe day... or about 5-6 days before I would expect to ovulate. Two days later I had all the signs of ovulation. I didn't think much of it, in terms of possible pregnancy. I was just like, "Oh, I ovulated early, that's weird."

I started getting depressed as hell a week or so ago. Well, I figured it was just another bout of depression, restarted my Prozac, and then started getting nauseous. I assumed that was the Prozac, since it can cause nausea, although it never did for me before.

And Steve, as he writes below, brought out the jar of garlic. I almost vomited on him, and I kept smelling it for a good half hour after he closed up the jar and I got away from it. He insisted I was pregnant, I swore I was not... you know how that goes. "My period isn't even due for a week!"

Then a couple of days ago, he made himself an omelet. Cooked it in real butter... I don't like real butter, but that's beside the point. The smell of the heated butter again almost made me throw up. "It's the Prozac!" I said.

I felt pretty silly, really.

Last night, he asked me to get ready to go to the store while he was at work, so we could leave as soon as he got home. But he had to stay late due to a really long call, and by the time he got home it was too late to go if we wanted any time together that night. So we were just going to stay in, but for once, I was like "Hey, I want to go somewhere, I'm already dressed."

We decided to go out to eat. Normally this is a big mess, because it takes a long time for us to figure out where we're going to go, unless there's a lot of money available. But when we're looking at $20-30, it's hard to pick out a place... probably mostly because I'm not a real big fan of cheap dining.

This time it took maybe three minutes. "Nothing greasy," I told him. "I can't eat greasy food, I'll barf. It's the Prozac!"

We decided to go to Golden Corral, which is a local buffet restaurant. The food's okay, but most importantly, it's about $7.00 for all you can eat of about 75 selections. Including steak.

So we went there, figuring I could find some food that wouldn't make me sick. I passed by the steak, the spaghetti, the pizza, the rotisserie and fried chicken, the fish... I wound up eating lima beans, peas, and macaroni & cheese. Didn't touch the dessert.

Now, usually when I go to Golden Corral, I eat a tremendous amount. I'm kind of a show-off when it comes to buffets, I guess. Six plates is the norm.

This time, I had about half a cup of peas, half a cup of lima beans, maybe a cup of macaroni and cheese. And that's it. Probably a whopping 500 calories, and I was about to throw up again.

On the drive home, I made some kind of joke about being pregnant. I can't recall exactly what transpired, but I do know that Steve asked if I'd mind taking a pregnancy test. So we went to HEB and picked one up.

Sure enough, it came up as a faint positive. And my period is due today... that was yesterday. I retested today, and the line is darker. Looks like I'm carrying Steve's pasty white baby again...

I think we're both pretty happy about this. I know I am, and he says he is. I'm worried about another miscarriage (I've had two), but... all-day sickness is generally a sign of a healthy pregnancy, and I'm sure as hell sick. I was sick like this with my daughter, as well, but not with the two I lost.

So, yeah... I'm knocked up. Woo!

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